Tackling the Basalt Bluffs Trail

Sometimes, the craziest ideas turn into the best ones ever. Take for example, today’s adventure with the family. We had celebrated New Year’s Eve at the house of a good friend…and lo and behold, we finally made it to midnight! That meant arriving home late and getting the kids to bed at almost 1am. **Turns out that it IS true…no matter how late the kids go to bed…they are bound to wake up at the same time no matter what!**

So on New Year’s Day, even though the kids were operating on a sleep deficit, my husband actually suggested that we head up to Stake Lake for a snowshoe. Not only did he suggest a snowshoe, but that we would actually try the Basalt Bluffs trail, which we had never attempted before and weren’t even sure if the kids could handle it.

However, it turned out to be an awesome experience! Basically, no whining and only smiles at the end of our adventure.

The trail:

We started off at the Lodge and headed straight onto the Lake Trail (A on the map, be sure to get one at the booth!) The Lake trail is a loop and therefore you could start it in either direction. We chose the shorter distance. Our goal was to get do that little bit of the Marsh Trail (C) that connects to the Basalt Bluffs trail (D).

Once on the Marsh trail,  we turned right onto the Basalt Bluffs trail (D) and then snowshoed that trail in the counter-clockwise direction Continue reading Tackling the Basalt Bluffs Trail

Poll: New Year’s Resolution

Another year is drawing to a close, and I hope that everyone had the chance to spend valuable time with their loved ones this holiday season.

The 1st of January is tomorrow…and for some, that means resolution time!

How about you…do you make a New Year’s resolution? If so, do you make a new one each year? Take the poll and have a wonderful 2018 of exploring with your family and friends!

Did you make a New Year's Resolution for 2018?

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The Future is Friendly on Telus Mountain

Telus Thompson Okanagan Community Board has come through for Kamloops Child Development Centre with a donation of $14,695 to fund a special climbing mountain in their proposed nature-based playground. The Centre has been fundraising for a number of years and is very close From left is KCDC Education Director Helen Blair, Maaike Clarke, 4, Early Childhood Educator Tiffany Reid, Zion Letterlough, 3, Wyatt Broadhurst, 4, and Telus Thompson Okanagan Community Board representative Pat Bauer.

It wasn’t long into her 40-year career in early-childhood education  that Helen Blair, director of education at Kamloops Child Development Centre, saw the benefits children receive from outdoor play. She also saw an increase in the number of children who exhibited behaviours and a corresponding decline in the amount of time children were spending outside.

For the past three years the board, staff and management have been fundraising to realize their vision of a completely redesigned playground. An outdoor classroom that would offer natural play spaces designed for different ages. Designed to mimic the childhood Continue reading The Future is Friendly on Telus Mountain