Work It, Own It: Kidz in the Kitchen

I don’t know about you but I have kids that sometimes struggle to eat their meals.  So.  Frustrating.

I don’t really enjoy sitting and reminding my children to eat.  Yeah… less than that, even.  However, I have learned a little trick that I can use from time to time.

Let them do it.

As in, let them make the dinner.

No, I don’t leave my 4-and-a-half year old and my 2-and-a-half year old to their own devices (peanut butter and honey, anyone) but I give them jobs.  I give them little assignments or projects to help towards preparing and cooking our meals.  It helps a lot, but not all the way (yet?).  When my son or daughter has cut up a certain veggie or grated the cheese or put some ingredients together or searched out something important or read a part of the recipe they seem more ready to enjoy something on their plate instead of flat out refusing to eat it.  It’s not always easy to find something for them to do while I’m in the mad-rush of trying to get dinner on the table and so this can help there, as well.  And, if their job isn’t going to have key role in our dinner… even getting them to add their own washed and cut celery or cheese stick to each plate can’t hurt, right??

What’s your secret to avoid the “arsenic hour” of tired and hungry kids?  Any tricks you want to share?

Our Wednesday theme of “Kidz In The Kitchen” is looking for mini chef (and big chef) contributors.  Have you got some favourite recipes that you want to share?  Something that your kids really love to eat or make?  Any ideas for how to “spice” up the diner hour with your family?  Please, do share!  You can contact me at to get involved.

Elizabeth is a Kamloops lifer. Born at RIH, she is happy to be raising her family here. Married with four wonderful children, Elizabeth is also teacher and enjoys working with parents as she learns more about this “Mommy gig”. Elizabeth is passionate about parenting and enjoys networking with other parents.

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