Project X Theatre to Return to Prince Charles Park with Family Friendly Shows in July

Project  X  Theatre  is  back  with  another  exciting  season  of  family friendly  summer   programming  in  Prince  Charles  Park!  X  Fest  2017  will  run  in  Prince  Charles  Park  from  July  10th  to  July   29th,  2017.  More  information  will  be  available  at  soon.

X  Fest  2017  will  include:

The  Jungle  Book  by  Greg  Banks – follow  the  rambunctious,  curious  and  silly  Mowgli  on  a  raucous   adventure  through  the  treetops  and  ancient  ruins  of  the  jungle!  This  new  adaptation  of  the  beloved   Rudyard  Kipling  story  finds  a  child  lost  in  the  Indian  jungle,  where  he  is  adopted  by  Baloo  the  bear,   Bagheera  the  panther,  and  all  the  beast  who  call  the  mysterious  wilderness  home.  This  fast-­‐paced   retelling  keeps  you  pearched  on  the  edge  of  your  seat  as  young  Mowgli  comes  face-­‐to-­‐face  with  sneaky   monkeys,  noisy  vultures,  and  his  mortal  enemy:  the  tiger,  Shere  Khan.

Rapunzel  by  Mike  Kenny –  a  new  adaptation  of  the  adorable  classic  story  told  with  fun,  imagination  and   a  bit  of  whimsy.  Rapunzel  lives  with  her  loving,  yet  overprotective  Nan,  after  her  mother  left  across  the   big  sea.  Year  after  year,  Nan  builds  their  tower  higher  and  higher  to  protect  them  from  the  disgraceful,   scary  world.  Every  year,  Rapunzel’s  hair  grows  longer,  and  so  does  her  curiosity  about  the  world   outside.  It  isn’t  until  Rafi,  a  local  boy,  comes  along  and  befriends  Rapunzel  that  she  finally  gets  the   courage  to  be  free.

The  team  has  been  assembled  and  set  building  began  today!!       Here  is  the  list  of  amazing  artists  that  will  be  bringing  X  Fest  to  life:

The  Jungle  Book  

Directed  by  Melissa  Thomas


Bagheera-­‐  Andrew  G.  Cooper

Kaa-­‐  Brittney  Martens

Baloo-­‐  Wyatt  Purcha

Shere  Kahn-­‐  Corina  Akeson

Drummer-­‐  Zack  Fernstrom


Directed  by  Corina  Akeson

Rapunzel-­‐Elizabeth  King

Nan-­‐Brittney  Martens


Set  Design-­‐  Jared  Raschke

Costume  Design-­‐  Susan  Dixon

More  information  is  available  at

As always, you and your ideas are wonderfully welcomed. If you are interested in getting involved with simply email and we can chat!

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