Celebrate Galleries & Museums – Free Admission this Week at KAG

The Kamloops Art Gallery is pleased to announce that the Province of British Columbia has declared May 14 to 21, 2017 BC Museums Week. BC Museums Week celebrates the contributions of museums, galleries, historic sites and other related heritage organizations to BC’s communities and economy, while also raising awareness about the crucial role these institutions play in preserving and making accessible the province’s rich heritage. BC Museums Week is perfectly situated within the global museum calendar, as it includes International Museum Day on May 18. Internationally, Museum Day also works to shine light on the important role that galleries and museums play in building strong communities and encouraging respectful dialogue around complex issues.

In recognition of this week and international day of celebration, the Kamloops Art Gallery is pleased to offer free admission all week. Take advantage of this opportunity to see our current exhibitions and learn more about the programs and events offered by the Kamloops Art Gallery year-round.

Currently on display in our Central Galleries are two exhibitions that have been guest curated by Zoe Chan: Kids these days and superyoung. These exhibitions feature artwork by more than 20 Canadian and international artists whose work explores ideas around youth culture and what it means to be young in today’s society. Featuring a wide range of different media including video, photography, music, drawing and more, these exhibitions are exuberant, vivid and fun, but they also raise complex and sometimes troubling questions about the role of young people in society and how youth are perceived and represented. These exhibitions are a fitting contribution to the goals of BC Museums Week and International Museums Day for the ways they extend meaningful dialogue and ensure that we work together to value our cultural heritage.

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