A Small Thing….But Big: Curled up with a Good Book

Title: A Small Thing…But Big

Author: Tony Johnston

Illustrated by:  Hadley Hooper


“Before today, I was very afraid of dogs,” Lizzie told him.

The quiet old man replied, “Before today, I was very afraid of children.”

Age group: 4-7 year olds

What’s to love: 

In this book, a little girl struggles with and eventually overcomes her fear of dogs.

The illustrations are soft and simple; My youngest loved them.

Overcoming a fear may seem like a small thing..but it sure can feel big! 


Where to find it:

We borrowed it from the Thompson Nicola Library System here in Kamloops:


What interesting books have you read with your children lately? Please share!

Jodi is originally from Montréal, Quebec but spent a few years in Northern New Brunswick after graduating from University. She moved to Kamloops in the Spring of 2010 with her family and works as an educational assistant. Her 7 and 8 year old keep her really busy as they love exploring the area and enjoying what Kamloops has to offer!

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