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Dr Greig Taylor is a Chiropractor at the Sage Sport Institute in the Tournament Capital Centre. He has worked with the Kamloops Track and Field Club, Kamloops Gymnastic and Trampoline Club and the BC Lions. He is a committed hobby runner, and can be found at most races around town.

Helping Your Child Become an Athlete

I’m sure most people reading this have either heard an interview or Soccer mediumread an opinion piece in the not too distant past about how we (or more likely, the USA) are becoming a nation of entitled slackers with no competitive drive. The chances are that the piece took some shots at programs such as soccer games with no score, or school competitions where everyone gets a medal. The truth of the matter is that the programs that are criticized the most are actually more likely to produce more competitive athletes and, more importantly, adults who have an ongoing participation in physical activity. Whatever you might see your child doing in their athletic future, there are a couple things that you should keep in mind while they are children.

1) Don’t worry about finding the ‘right’ sport for your child.

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Physical Literacy: 10 Ways to Help Your Child Stay Active

Today, our guest is Greig Taylor, a local chiropractor, who shares 10 ways on how to help your child get (and remain!) active. 

When you were a kid, what was your experience with sport? Was it something you couldn’t wait to do, or something that you had to be dragged into? As an adult, has your relationship with sport changed at all? We are meant to move. Physical inactivity is increasingly being recognized as a risk factor on par with smoking or obesity in severity. To raise children who are more likely to be active throughout their lives, we need to get them involved in physical activities as early as possible and make it an enjoyable part of their lives.


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