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Pudding Fingerpaint: Crafting With Kids

Ms. Marlene from Bumblebees Family Centre (Next Tuesday’s the vision screening day for your thee-year-old, by the way) has offered up a few of her secret recipes!!  Ms. Marlene is an Early Childhood Educator and mama to three wonderful kids.  We tried it out, at home.  Yummm…

This instant pudding artwork is finger-lickin’ good!

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Homeschooling with a Large Family: One Parent’s Perspective

This post is by KamloopsParents.Com reader, Miranda Brown – Kamloops Mom to 6 children and homeschooling family for 7 years.

I often get asked while I am out with my six children in tow, “How do you do it?” It’s one of those questions that stumps me every time it is asked.  Homeschooling 3 children and having 3 little ones at home brings some very full busy days but wonderful, too. A schedule is one of the best ways I have achieved our homeschooling goals and to help feel encouraged by what we are doing. With a schedule, I have a goal to work toward.  At the same time, homeschooling with many children… the biggest lesson I had to learn was flexibility. Life happens when you are at home.  Spills happen, kids get sick and some days just get hairy.

For us, having some routine for our day brings balance and order. The school-aged children have their routine and the three little ones look to me for what they can do.  Times when I let them “just play” are times when the house gets turned upside down and all the blankets are pulled off the beds and couch cushions dumped (which is great every now and then) and when we are done our schooling I look around and have a ton to clean up.  That just can not happen everyday.  So I have come up with activities I can do with my babies, toddlers, and preschoolers during our school time and still teach the older kids.

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I’m Seeing Stars

Post written by reader, Tamara.  Tamara is a wife, a teacher and a Mom to one cute little man.

The other night, my husband and I had the opportunity to take our 15 month old son to Astronomy Night ~ a free event at TRU put on by  We both have a love for the stars ever since we took an Astronomy course together in our early dating years (back when TRU was UCC).  But who wouldn’t love a course that requires you to lay in a field next to your future husband and gaze up at the sky together?

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Tuesday Tutorial: Punch Easter Pals

This post is by Dawnica Flatt; Mommy to one, Early Childhood Educator and Stampin’ Up Demonstrator

This week, I again use punches because they are just so versatile, easy to use and great to use various shapes with children.  It’s great to encourage children to be creative. I’ve used many of Stampin’Up!’s great punches to make some really cute pals that you too can make because they use pretty common shapes. (Fig 1) shows many the punches that I used. Paper needed is Pink, White , purple and black.  For additional ideas that are provided, I used yellow, black, white and orange.


The little rabbit is easy to make with our punches.  Here’s what’s needed – all are white except where indicated!

2 Scallop ovals for ears.

2 Large Ovals out of pink for inside of ears.

1 Large Heart for head.

1 Circle (1 ¾”)  for main body

4 Circles (½”) 2 for cheeks, 2 for paws.

2 Circles (¼”) – out of black (this is a regular hole punch).

Small Flower – Boho Blossom Punch used here for tail.

Small Heart – out of pink. Heart to Heart Punch used here for nose.

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A Bloomin’ Garden Party!

A Wild About Party Packs spring-time idea

By Candace of Wild About Party Packs

The sun is shining and the bulbs are blooming. Do you have a child ready for a birthday this Spring? Are you tired of planning the usual party with whatever is “in” at the moment?

Why not plan a green thumb birthday party to help welcome the warmer weather and help celebrate them being one year older.  This party idea can be a wonderful experience for the children: different from the current trend and letting them get a little (or a lot) dirty and have some hands-on fun exploring Mother Nature.

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