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Un-Stickin’ Those Stains: Bunch A Farmers Stain Stick Review

This review was written by Sarah Kier, Kamloops mom and all-around great gal.

“To start off this review, I thought I should let everyone know a bit about the reason I need a stain remover that works.  I have three boys 4 & under.  Enough said right?

All three of my boys were pukers as babies.  My middle son had reflux and was on medication for it.  Once they started eating solid foods the stains on their clothes from the puke were crazy!  I mean, green beans and carrot stains are pretty hard to get out!

Fast forward to a few months ago.  I’m in Lizzie Bits and paying for a few things.  I’m browsing the items on the counter and I spot this stain stick from Bunch A Farmers.  I asked Jenn if it worked and she said it was great.  I figured, what’s to lose?  I bought one and took it home.  The instructions say to wet the stick and rub it in on the stain and then launder as usual.  I tried it and guess what?  It actually works!  It’s all natural and 100% biodegradable.   You can even use it on your cloth diapers!

What I find works really great is to wet the stain, not the stick, rub it on until you get a bit of a lather.  Then I throw the clothes in my hamper and wash them when I would normally wash the rest of the stuff.  I usually do wash every other day (remember, I have boys! LOL).  The stains really come out.  I haven’t had a stubborn one yet!  My only thought for the company is to get some sort of re-usable cover for the stick, kind of like a glue stick that you can keep pushing up.  The paper on the stick gets wet and rips away after awhile.  Other than that, I am totally in love with this product!

I’ve decided I love it so much, why not share my joy with others?  I will give away 1 stain stick to 3 lucky people who read this review. All you have to do is comment and let me know you have read this and you are entered.

If you want a second entry, just read my review of the best toy I’ve ever bought my kids and comment again (back here) telling me what colour bikes my kids have.

Entries will be accepted until 10pm June 2nd and winners will be randomly chosen and announced, then.”


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Fitting in Fitness In Kamloops: "X Doesn’t Mark the Spot"

This guest post is brougt to you by Monica Macaulay.

Monica is a wife and mother of 2 little girls. She is also a certified Group Fitness Instructor, Weight Training Instructor and Pre and Post-Natal Fitness Specialist. She contracts her services to various facilities around Kamloops but also runs her own Spring/Summer outdoor fitness program. If you have any fitness-related questions please feel free to contact her at  Monica also has a fitness community established on facebook.  You can learn more about BALANCE, here.

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Pizza Buns: Kidz in the Kitchen

This recipe and post was prepared by Chrystal Wagner, Kamloops Mama to two who is blessed to be staying at home and adventuring with them in the kitchen.

This is a new found favorite recipe in our home, although I’d have to say my husband gets more excited about eating them than my daughter does. I enjoy making them with my daughter because even at 2 years old, there are a lot of things she can help with. And if you haven’t made much for breads or doughs, don’t worry, it isn’t near as scary as you might think! The base of this recipe I took from the “Mennonite Girls Can Cook” blog. If you are ever stuck for ideas or want to try something new, they have something for every type of craving! I know, that’s a bit of a plug, but I am loving their site. These pizza buns are a great meal, snack, easy for lunches, picnics, hikes, and freeze well (although you might need to make a double batch to get some in there before they are all eaten!)

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Pudding Fingerpaint: Crafting With Kids

Ms. Marlene from Bumblebees Family Centre (Next Tuesday’s the vision screening day for your thee-year-old, by the way) has offered up a few of her secret recipes!!  Ms. Marlene is an Early Childhood Educator and mama to three wonderful kids.  We tried it out, at home.  Yummm…

This instant pudding artwork is finger-lickin’ good!

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