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I am a mom to 2 extremely busy young men and 1 pony loving daughter. During the school year I work 5 days a week running the Arthur Hatton Strongstart Program. I thought that going into the Early Childhood Field would make me more competent as a parent (wishful thinking). Parenting is like a roller-coaster ride, you never know whats around the next corner or when the next drop off will be, but it's still FUN!! Being a parent is the hardest job out there and I wouldn't trade it for anything......(well not at this moment.)

James and the Giant Peach: Project X Theatre

Our family recently attended Project X’s presentation of James and the Giant Peach.

From the beginning to the end, our entire family was captivated by this endearing tale. The enthusiasm of the actors was infectious and we found ourselves laughing often throughout the play. We felt the language and subject matter were age-appropriate for all of our children (4-6-8). Props were well designed and added a great dimension to the play. The costumes were also very creative and we were able to easily identify who each character was.  This play was nothing short of AMAZING!!

Overall I would recommend this play to any family!

Well done Project X!

James and the Giant Peach is showing alternating nights at Prince Charles Park.  The other play showing this summer is Romeo and Juliet.

For more information, check out Project X Theatre.

Beautiful Junk: Crafting with Kids

Since this past weekend was Earth Day I decided to ask all the Strong Start families to bring in some clean reusable garbage and recycling.

Some of the junk we collected were milk jugs, boxes, yogourt containers, tin foil, puzzles, marker lids, string,  toilet paper rolls, plastic bags and egg cartons.

I visited the dollar store to gather a collection of colourful tape!

It was fun to watch the children use their creative magic and turn garbage into beautiful junk.

The children started to create wonderful robots, dinosaurs and creatures.

We glued, cut, taped, and painted our beautiful junk.

They loved doing this project so much I’m still collecting junk to bring in.

It’s easy to just start saving recycled  materials and let your children tape up a masterpiece.  

Family Market Raffle

On Saturday, April 28th, stop by the Calvary Community Church between 9am and 2pm.

$2 admission will allow you to shop for some incredible deals and a great time.

Taco Del Mar is preparing the concession, so come hungry!

There will be princesses on site from Enchanted Teacup Parties, Tea and Retail

Child care will be available from Kamloops Christian Daycare.

$4 for one hour, one child.  $6 for two siblings, one hour.  $9 for three siblings, one hour.

As well, your children can have their photo taken in an incredible photo shoot from Life Unfolding Photography!

$20 for three images, by donation to JDRF

Then, check out the incredible raffle baskets at the Life Unfolding Table.

Thanks to some incredible donors, we have an amazing raffle coming together for the KamloopsParents.Com Family Market.

Here are a the fabulous donations.  You can get your tickets for $5 each or 3 for $10 at the Life Unfolding table.

Red Robin – $25 gift certificate

Enchanted Teacup – exquisite teas

Lifemax- Chia Seeds

Little Ladybugz – pink crocheted hat

Lisa Vos, Regal –  lunch bag

Jubilee RV – Director’s chair

Brian McLean – massage sessions

Tumbleweed Toys – Flowery Tummy Garden

Sweet Home Cafe – gift vouchers

Big Little Science Centre –  family passes

Bubbs N’ Bugg Wear- t-shirt

Angela’s Flowers N’ Things – flower hair clips

Sarah Schmidt  – spa certificates

Kikkers Footwear – a pair of Kikkers

Studio Five-O Photography – 11 by 14 custom print

Angela Kinney BeautiControl – gift package

Beneath the Monkey Tree -handmade sock monkey

Snug Glee Bumz – gift

Amanda Hill – painting

River’s Pretty Things – flower hair clip

Amy Boose, Avon – bath package

Academy of Dance ($100 gift certificate and dance bag)

Laura Harbottle, Arbonne – gift package

Alison Gregory, Discovery Toys – Motorworks

Flubber: Crafting With Kids

Do your kids like playing with slime?  Do you like things with a smooth and slippery texture?   Well, if you haven’t made Flubber, make sure to add Borax to your shopping list and pick some up on your next trip down the laundry aisle in the grocery store.  This fun activity is sure to please all ages.
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