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Suvannah is momma to two daughters aged 6 and 3. They are currently happily homeschooling, and love to share their experiences with others. Suvannah believes that children naturally love learning and really tries to enhance that love of learning through personalized lesson plans for her kids. Her family especially loves meeting up with other parents and kids at local parks and enjoying what our amazing community has to offer.

A Day in the Life: Ramblings of a Homeschool Mama

I can not speak for every homeschooling family, as everyone does thingsDSC_4499 a little differently. This is what a “typical” day looks like for us!

Note** One of the reasons we love homeschooling is for the flexibility of our routine, and the ability to go with the flow. Lots or days do not go this way some days we get invited for play dates, or field trips are planned, or the kids or myself are sick or grumpy and we just watch tv and have free play all day lol. You would be surprised how often this happens, and yet we still met all our learning outcomes by the end of April early May this year (WOOT!  This is just a glimpse of what we aim for.

Ramblings of a Homeschooling Mama: Why We Homeschool

I think people get the idea that families who choose to homeschool do so because they think the school system is evil. Or that public school teachers are bad at teaching, or that they do not care about our kids.

For our family that is false. I have friends who are school teachers. They love their students, they love their jobs, they do the absolute best that they can! Their students love them back. They set up really fun activities, and do their best to help the students who are falling behind, while supporting the growth of kids who excel. Thats a lot to ask of one person who is responsible for 20-30 children. I am seriously impressed with their skills and patience.

So why do we take the family schooling approach?

~I love to see my children loving to learn. The smiles that appear on their faces when the “get it”. Nothing beats that. If my child was schooling in a building blocks away from our home, I would miss out on the joy.


 ~I love that if my daughter get frustrated we can stop and take a Continue reading Ramblings of a Homeschooling Mama: Why We Homeschool