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Thank you to Lisa from Aspect Arts Photography for taking the pictures of the Been There Done That (BTDT) squad. The profiles of the members of the BTDT Squad can be found below.

Aspect Arts Photography - Kamloops, BC

The BTDT Squad share their experiences by answering a parenting question each month. The questions are general questions that many parents wonder about as they raise their children. Subjects tackled so far include potty training, how they dealt with picky eaters, their most favourite family adventures, and how they managed to ever sleep through the night!

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Name: Christina M.ChristinaBTDT

Age: Born 1979

Kids: 4 girls born in 5 years, oldest is 6, 4, 2 and 10 months

Personal story: I’m living my dream; married, “large” family, stay at home Mom.  I knew this gig was going to be tough, but it’s harder than anyone can communicate with words.  It’s an emotional, physical, non-stop workout.  I’m not sure if it’s a blessing or a sin that I’m so stubborn.  I take my parenting cues from my parents and my gut.  We do it all, in our own way, and differently for each child.  Favourite quote: (From my Mom) If I wasn’t laughing, I’d be crying.

Name: Tamara V

Age: 40 (and I love that my kids always confuse it with 14)

Kids: Kid #1 is a boy born November 2004, Kid #2 is a boy born June 2006 – 17 months apart

Personal story:  I’m a waffler.  I try to be intuitive on parenting matters but fully admit to getting multiple opinions before settling on a plan of action. Then once I start on my path I often change it.  Intuition is something that happens for me in hindsight.  And… I’m growing okay with that.  I have come to believe that not always being consistent with my kids means that they are becoming adaptable, flexible boys who will question the world without apology.

Name: CrystalCrystalBTDT

Age: Born 1972

Kids: One girl born Nov. 2006

Personal story:

I am a stay- at -home mom who feels fortunate to have  this opportunity to be  at home for my daughter. I also am  working on a second degree in Social Work and  fit my classes into evenings or during times when my daughter is in school. I find that school takes me outside my” mommy world” and keeps my brain stimulated. It is long running  joke  amongst friends and  family that I am a “professional student”.  I have been  married for almost 12  years and  in that time  my husband and I have moved around a lot in various place BC, AB and the USA. I love trying new things,  learning new things, going new  places and spending time in my garden as much as possible.  I do not have a specific parenting style and find I am always adjusting to meet the new challenges presented as  my daughter ages. I can only hope that I raise a daughter who is kind person that enjoys her life!

Name: Sarah

Age: 28

Kids: (Kid #1) Boy born Jan 2006, (Kid #2) boy born April 2007, (Kid #3) Boy born Sept 2009

Personal story: Hi my name is Sarah and I have been married to my husband Josh for 8 years.  We have 3 boys (5, 4 & almost 2!) so we are pretty busy!  I don’t co-sleep or babywear but I do cloth diaper!  I try to have a pretty regular schedule for my kids but I do find it is a bit more flexible that it used to be.  I have had c-sections and a natural VBAC and I have breastfed and formula fed.  I like to say I’ve tried pretty much everything!  I am excited to be part of the Been There Done That Squad!

Name: JodiJodiBTDT

Age: 37

Kids: 4 year old boy and almost 3 year old girl

Personal story: I worked for several years as an engineer, then had my first child. Within a couple of months, I  became pregnant with the second and then our family relocated to British Columbia. Even though it wasn’t part of my “plan” (my first child was actually signed up for daycare after my maternity leave was up!) I ended up staying home with them. As a parent, I don’t adhere to any specific parenting philosophy and I just do what feels right (or what is needed) at that time. I don’t claim to have any answers but what I do bring is my experiences (and mistakes!) from my parenting adventure.

Name: Wendy WendyBTDT

Age: born 1981

Kids: (Kid #1) Boy born July 27, 2010 (Kid#2) Girl born May 31, 2013

Personal story: I was born and raised in Kamloops and thought I would never leave because it’s the ideal place to raise a family, so far so good. I have always wanted to be a mom and I knew there would be challenging times. What I did know was if my ego could handle being a stay at home mom and guess what…it can, it’s even better than being a teacher. When it comes to being a mom, my sister gave me the best advice when she told me “Just do what you feel.” and that’s what I do.

Name: Erin

Kids: (Kid #1) girl born August 16, 2010 Age: child of the 70s

Personal story: I come from a very close-knit family, and so I thought I had a pretty clear picture of being a mom.  But when I finally became a mom, 2 things took me by surprise.
#1. How big my heart could grow (I was quite certain it would burst those first few weeks, and yet, it just continues to grow!)
#2. Mommy guilt (who knew that you could second guess yourself on so many decisions on a daily basis!)
As I navigate the alien world of parenthood, I’m learning lots (and forgetting even more – damn mommy brain!)

Name: KammiKammiBTDT

Age: 36 years old

Kids: Little girl (6) and little boy (4)

Personal story: 

I am originally from the states and moved to Canada when I married my husband, who is Canadian, almost 9 years ago.  We now have two wonderful, spirited, talkative and energetic children who constantly keep me on my toes.  In my life prior to children I never imagined I would be a stay-at-home mom and now I can’t imagine my role being anything but staying at home with them and watching them grow each day into incredible individuals.  Two lessons I have learned since moving away from my friends and family is:  1. I never realized how hard it would be living away from family until I had children and 2.  how much my “family” has grown since moving away from family – I have such a wonderful group of friends in Kamloops that I am fortunate to not only call friends but my family as well.

Name: Jennifer HJennifer 3

Age: 30-something

Kids: Girl (born August 2007) and Girl (born September 2010)

Personal Story:I have lived in Kamloops for 20+ years and I love being involved in this great community! I work hard to balance my Human Resources career, which I love, and the time I spend with my lovely daughters.  Friends and family are an amazing support to me, and I’m grateful to be a part of such a fabulous network of parents in our community.

Name:  AlisonAliBTDT
Age: Born in 1980, so I guess that makes me an adult.
Kids: (Kid #1) K – Boy born November 2006, (Kid #2) R – Boy born October 2008.
Personal story: I’m a Mom, a wife, a Discovery Toys Team Leader, and a records administrator to list a few. There are a lot of things I said I wouldn’t do as a parent, that I do now (yell, co-sleep, fast food) and I’m at peace with that.  I struggle to find a balance between work, family, work and me as my oldest starts kindergarten this year, and I work two full time jobs. Exercise is rare for me, and baby weight can no longer be called as such. Thankfully I have an amazingly supportive husband who lifts me back up when I’m feeling down, and is also my best friend.

Name:  LeahLeah 03
Age: child of the 70s Peace, man! (born 1973)
Kids: (Kid #1) Girl born May 1993, (Kid #2) Girl born August 1996, (Kid #3) Boy born July 1998 (Kid #4) Girl born March 2008
Personal story: Being a mom is a challenging role, but one that I love and am glad that it is one I will always have – I often tell my children “even when you’re 80 you will still be my kid!” I am also a teacher and have found that my children make my job as a teacher even more rewarding as I can see a little bit of my own children in each one of my students.  As well, I love to learn new things and find that children are the greatest teachers and are excellent at showing me which areas of myself need improvement, teenagers are especially good at this!  Whatever the challenge “keep moving forward” as they say in in Meet the Robinsons.

Name: NaomiNaomiBTDT

Age:  31, an 80’s girl!

Kids: Three active, amazing boys! Age 9, 3, and 9 months.

Personal story: Being a Mom is nothing like what I thought it would be! It has taught me how to love unconditionally, how to listen to advice, how to keep an open mind, be way more patient than I ever thought possible, (not one of my strong points!) and how to let go of control. I am a completely different person now! As for our family, all three of our boys were born 2 months premature, so they are a big blessing. We are also a little bit crazy…we home-school, have been known to co-sleep, breastfed for over a year, made lots of mistakes along the way, and are generally pretty much a work in progress.

Name:  ElizabethElizabethBTDT

Age: child of the 80s (born 1980)

Kids: (Kid #1) Boy born June 2005, (Kid #2) Girl born September 2007, (Kid #3) Boy born October 2009 and Boy (Kid #4) born July 2013.
Personal story: I’m a Mom.  I’m also a teacher and I wear many other hats.  As a Mom I thought I would be routined but I’m not.  I thought I wouldn’t co-sleep but I did (do).  I thought I would teach my children but more often my children teach me.  I love it and I think being a Mom is the greatest gig.

Name: Suvannah SuvBTDT


Kids: Two girls ages 5 and 2

Personal Story: I always wanted to be a mom. As I get farther into this crazy adventure called parenting I find my “philosphies” on the right way to parent are always changing. One thing has remained certain, follow your heart when it comes to choosing the right things to do. Every family and situation is different. My own style leans towards natural parenting (breastfeeding, co-sleeping, home-birthing) but I’m not going to lie.. my kids are totally familiar with McDonalds food, and if you stop by un-announced its possible that you’ll hear me yelling at my kids to stop brushing their teeth with the toilet brush, or something equally insane. Bottom line though I love my kids and I hope that telling some of our experiences and stories will help other parents along the way. (even if its just knowing that you are not alone on this rollercoaster ride!)

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