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Quick Craft to Lift a Bad Mood

Picture it:

You are 4 years old, and it’s the morning after a 2 week break where everyone is finally returning to work or school.

Except you.

You are yanked out of your warm bed to the realization that everyone is hurriedly trying to get back into a routine. 

You are dragged through the motions of the morning, with requests of “get dressed!” and “brush your teeth!” being hurled at you after almost 2 weeks of lazy days spent in pyjamas. 

You are pulled through unplowed streets as you accompany your older brother on his walk to school. 

Finally, you return home with a mood so frustratingly grumpy and a mother who won’t stop asking you “what’s wrong” and “why are you so upset?!”

This was my daughter on the morning that students returned to school this week.

It came to me that she was simply feeling what I sometimes do and just wanted to be left alone to work through it.

So, I quietly began preparing for a craft, with the hope that my daughter would eventually join me in making a face mask depicting a happy face and another one for anger.


Let me tell you, nothing calms this 4 year old down better than Continue reading Quick Craft to Lift a Bad Mood

Fit By Design Celebrates 4 Years in Kamloops

It’s  been 4 years since Sabrina Sinclair and her team at Fit By Design began helping women on their wellness journey in Kamloops.

I myself embarked on that very same journey back in the fall of 2012.

The main reason why I keep going back? The fun and supportive atmosphere.

To celebrate 4 memorable years in business in Kamloops, Fit By Design is giving away a MONTH of Fit By Design to one lucky winner.  Click on the following link to enter to WIN:

FitbyDesign2014Happy Birthday, Fit By Design!

Soon It Will be 7 When it Actually Feels Like 8!

One of my good friends is a devout “cold-turkey”-er when it comes to time changes.  I have always found this approach to time change really hard, and even in my 20’s, I would begin “switching over” a few days out.  I found it much easier on my system – I hardly noticed anything while everyone else would lay around and mope about how tired they were.  Now, as a parent, I am definitely a fan of the “15 minutes a day” approach.   By changing my children’s routine by 15 minutes a day, they honestly don’t even realise anything is happening, and it allows us to avoid many of the pitfalls of the “all in one go” approach.


15 minutes a day…..

One of the benefits of doing things this way is that when you get to Continue reading Soon It Will be 7 When it Actually Feels Like 8!

A Juicy Story

People often ask us, what is the secret to your great tasting apple juice?

We give all kinds of answers about the geography of the area, the fact that our juice is pure and the fact that we sing to our apples every night.

Just kidding.

We don’t do that (at least I don’t think we do). But the truth is, our secret isn’t very sneaky: Great apple juice starts with great apples! We use high-quality apples to make our juice. Vernon really is a perfect place to grow apples. The combination of our hot Okanagan sunshine and the cool nights of our Fall make for spectacular natural sugar content and flavor in our apples.


We do not use apples that have fallen off the tree, aka “windfalls” to Continue reading A Juicy Story

Navigating this year’s Corn Maze at Tranquille Farm Fresh

For the second year in a row, our young family tackled the Corn Maze at Tranquille Farm Fresh.  We arrived at the entrance, armed ourselves with the maps provided and set out with a 4 and 5 year old in the lead.


This Underhill & Underhill designed corn maze offered well over an hour of entertainment for my whole family. My children enjoyed Continue reading Navigating this year’s Corn Maze at Tranquille Farm Fresh