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Thoughts on Down Time

Since having my third child I have discovered something essential to my day: “Quiet Time”.

Every day after lunch, my daughter goes to her room for her nap, my son goes to his room to read books and I try to get the baby down for a nap, too.  This, occasionally, results in a little bit of time to myself.  Sometimes I get to use that time to clean up the mess from lunch, or go on the computer for a bit, but usually it results in quality one-on-one time with one of the kids.  If the baby does go down for a nap, I’ll get to hang out with my four-year-old for a bit… just us, or if he is agreeably reading in his room for a while I will get to really connect and play with my baby while my two-year-old sleeps.

Having that time with just one kid, or none that need my immediate attention, has really given me the ability to clear my head and feel Continue reading Thoughts on Down Time