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Hiking the Tower Trail at Kenna Cartwright

This week, we feature anther family-friendly hike with the Tower Trail at Kenna Cartwright Park. This is a gentle uphill hike that can be done by 4-5 year olds. The great thing about this trail is that if the kids find it too much, you just turn around and follow the trail back down to the parking lot!


Driving Time: Less than 10 minutes from Downtown Kamloops, right in city limits

Hiking Time: I forgot to check the exact time we began our hike and we had 5 children ranging from 9 months to 5 years of age and stopped often with one long stop for snacks. Took under 2 hours for the return trip, however!

Distance Travelled: 1.8 km to the top, so 3.6 km total

Stroller Friendly: No, but can easily be done with baby in a carrier or backpack.

Difficulty: The Tower Trail is rated as “easy” according to the City of Kamloops. Easily accomplished by 4 & 5 year olds with plenty of stops for water and taking in the awesome views!


How do you get there?

Kenna Cartwright Park is an 800 hectare municipal park located on Mount Dufferin within the city of Kamloops. To get there, take the Trans Canada Highway to Exit #366 north along Copperhead Drive and then west along Hillside Drive to the main entrance. Park your car and grab a map from the dispenser on  your right as you begin your walk up to the trails. There’s also a washroom on your left for any last minute potty breaks. The Tower Trail starts a little up past the washroom and heads to the right. Just keep following it to the top.

Are there any difficult spots?

Not really, but the gradual uphill might be a little too much for some little ones.


What are some features to look for on the trail?

The fabulous views of the city of Kamloops as well as a little picnic table on your right just before reaching the top. Be sure to point out the sagebrush, pine trees and the various landmarks in the city as you make your way to the top.


Make sure to always bring plenty of water, snacks and sunscreen when hiking. I also carry a little mini-first aid kit at all times, to take care of any scrapes on the little ones. Enjoy!

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Hiking at Pine Park

Driving Time: 15min
Hiking Time: 1.5hrs
Distance Travelled: 4.5km
Stroller Friendly: yes (mostly)
Difficulty: easy

Our Sunday hike this week brought us down Tranquille Rd to the Pine Park trail behind the old sanitarium. This is a really nice, easy little walk for short legs that has many different landscapes with Tranquille Creek running alongside the trail, the hoodoos across the creek, a wetland, the sagebrush of course and the many many poplar trees.

How do you get there?

The trail head is a 15min drive from downtown off Tranquille Rd past Cinnamon Ridge then stay right on Tranquille (Red Lake turn) the road winds around behind the old sanatorium and the parking lot is on your right. If you cross a little bridge you’ve just driven past it. Turn around and come back. The gate is painted orange and has an old turn style man gate.

Are there any difficult spots?

It is a well used wide trail that is 4.5km to the reservoir and back. In Continue reading Hiking at Pine Park

Hikes for Toddlers in Kamloops

Anyone with a toddler at home will affirm that small children love to claim their independence. Walking with toddlers often results in a lot of in and out or up and down. Giving them a bar to reach for can be a wonderful way to give them a sense of accomplishment and sense of pride in their achievement. I’ve stuck with the guideline of a child being able to walk 1km per year of age after about age 2 or 3. This seems to be an achievable and simple bar to strive to meet. Naturally starting out small will build confidence and ensure future success.

Three Easy Walks for 2-3 year olds

1. McArthur Island Loop – 3.1km Stroller friendly so your little one can pop in and out. This is hands down my favorite walk for little people mostly because of the wonderful diversity and accessibility of the walk. If you sneak down to the shore line once a month or once a season you will start to get in touch with the rhythm and changes of the river. You really should take the wide loop and travel behind the golf course because the scenery back there is quite lovely.

2. Rivers Trail – Stroller friendly so your little one can pop in and out. From the tennis court parking lot you can either head east towards the Red Bridge or west towards the Overlander Bridge. Walking all the way over the bridge can be a fun goal for little ones who will find they walked “so far” and be telling you for weeks about their accomplishment.

3. Schubert Drive – Stroller friendly so your little one can pop in and out. When the river is low there are lots of opportunities to sneak down a side trail and explore the shoreline along the Thompson River. This is particularly pleasant in the summertime when a large sandbar often forms and kids can wade in the river muck.

There you have it 3 very simple easy ways that you can get out and enjoy the natural world. Encourage your little one to walk farther and farther on their own until they walk 3km all by themselves. Be sure to let them know about their accomplishment so they can be proud of themselves and tell everyone how far they walked!


This is my 3 year old with a mini Camelbak. These are one of thearden_camel greatest inventions ever for helping your kiddo stay hydrated. BONUS you don’t have to carry anything!

Krystal Williams-Gardener is a mom to three children under 10 in Kamloops BC. She is also the owner of Kamloops first Outdoor Preschool for children aged 3-6 years. To learn more visit


Family Friendly Hikes in Kamloops: Deep Lake

Kamloops has a well established system of hiking trails right in city limits that provide plenty of fresh air and fantastic views for your family. Starting today, we will be featuring them in a special series to help you find out which hiking trails are best suited for your family.

Our first feature is a hike we did using the Grasslands Community Trail to get to Deep Lake, which is part of the Lac Du Bois Provincial Park. Located in Westsyde, the hike to Deep Lake is about a 6 km loop.


How do you get there? 

Take Westsyde Road all the way until Ida Lane, at which point you Continue reading Family Friendly Hikes in Kamloops: Deep Lake