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Spark Your Imagination DRAW!
Toy Talk

Spark Your Imagination is not new to KamloopsParents.Com.  We have used and enjoyed the Spark Story Starters in restaurants and waiting rooms, in the vehicle and on the ferry, in hotel rooms and at the park, while out walking and in the classroom!  They never fail to spark the conversation.  My kids always remember the funny stories we got going.

The fabulous pair of Tamara and Erin at Spark have been hard at work designing new games and keeping families talking!  One of the latest to hit stores is the Story Starters DRAW. Continue reading Spark Your Imagination DRAW!
Toy Talk

Leap Frog Word Whammer: Toy Talk

Ok….best (educational) toy in my opinion is the Leap Frog Word Whammer.  My oldest got it when he was 2 or 3 (seems so long ago I can barely remember).  He’s almost 9 now and it still works perfectly for my 4 and 2 year olds who are constantly playing with it.  There are various learning stages including – Letter Hunt, Word Builder and Word Hunt – where the kids can simply learn the letters and their sounds, find letters to make a word that is given to them or build their own word.  For your preschooler it’s fantastic as it says each letter as well as sounds out each letter phonetically so that your child can learn not only to  identify the letters but to also recognize the sounds that each letter makes – which is an integral step to reading.   For your littler ones (who just must do what their older siblings are doing) there is also a button that just plays the ABC’s.  Continue reading Leap Frog Word Whammer: Toy Talk

Toy Talk: Zingo

Toy: Zingo

Appropriate Age: 2 – Adult

Where to find it: Discovery Toys (

Approximate Cost: $23.00 + HST/Shipping (psst… Zingo is on sale for $18.40 until this Sunday)

A Tale of Zingo: Zingo is a family favourite – it’s a bingo game with a twist. I have two boys, ages 2 & 4, and we love this game because our whole family can play, or the boys can play on their own. Everyone loves getting to take turns dispensing the tiles, and then putting the tiles back in the dispenser. Our two year old has fun matching the pictures on the tiles to both his card, and to ours. Our four year old reads out the letters, and spells the words on the tiles before matching them to his cards. And because the second side of the cards has tiles that don’t show up as often, it evens out the playing field when playing across different age groups. Zingo comes with eight double-sided cards, so it’s easy to add more players if you’re playing in a group setting like a classroom. Every family, every daycare centre, every preschool needs Zingo!