All A-Board Games: Family Game Time

I love playing board games.  I have said that before, I know, but I do.  We love the connection of playing board games with my family and friends.  We get to discuss things, strategize and adventure, all from sitting around the table.  I love watching my kids learn, as we play games, as well.  Numbers, colours, letters, patterns… it’s all there!  Game-playing is an educator’s dream!

In the past, we have purchased our games from the coast, because we didn’t know anywhere local that carried the games we like.  Well, I have just discovered All A-Board Games at 343 Seymour Street!  When I called Derek to find out if he had a particular game in stock (Bohnanza, and he does), I learned some other very useful facts.

Experiential Learning Cycle

I’ve been taking the “Nobody’s Perfect” course, through the YMCA and Strong Start.  It’s been great to get to discuss parenting issues with other parents, hear their ideas and think about the way I do things.  I hope that all the other parents involved would agree, for themselves as well.  There was one class, however, that hit the mark particularly well with me: The Experiential Learning Cycle.

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"Mush It" – Amish Friendship Bread: Kidz in the Kitchen

We’ve been baking every ten days, for a while now.  Why?  Well, I was given a starter bag of Amish Friendship Bread and we are really enjoying it.  Have you ever heard of Amish Friendship Bread?  Well, it’s basically a few ingredients in a bag (yeast, sugar, milk and flour) that you leave on the counter for a number of days.  Most days you just mush the bag… or you get your kids to.  However, my advice is that you encourage your kids to do it only while you are watching, otherwise they might throw it down the stairs…. just sayin’… *ahem*

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A Perfect Un-Birth-Tea Party: Wild About Party Packs Review

I’m a detail girl.  I like all the little finishing touches, all the little extras.  It sometimes can cause added stress, I will admit it.  I like having things “just right”.  I’m sure that some of you are like that, too.  I like planning birthday parties for my kids and enjoy the little things that get put together.  However, I find that after the party is over I am simply exhausted.  A few weeks ago, I was given a sample party pack to review, from Wild About Party Packs and was very excited when I got it.  It was like a treasure chest – a treasure chest of little details!  The kids were climbing over my shoulders trying to peek inside, as though they knew there was something in it for them.  We don’t have any birthdays coming up in our family until June, so we decided to use a regular-any-old day and plan an Un-Birth-Tea Party!

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Quesadillas: Kidz in the Kitchen

My kids love quesadillas.  We also make them when we are camping as they are nice and easy to prepare and don’t take a lot of ingredients.  We make them with just cheese and we make them with extras (avocado, chicken, etc…)  Need a great and reliable quick and simple lunch or even a snack?

You’ll need four tortillas, cream cheese and grated cheese.  If you want to add other ingredients, you can grab that as well.

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