Thoughts on Down Time

Since having my third child I have discovered something essential to my day: “Quiet Time”.

Every day after lunch, my daughter goes to her room for her nap, my son goes to his room to read books and I try to get the baby down for a nap, too.  This, occasionally, results in a little bit of time to myself.  Sometimes I get to use that time to clean up the mess from lunch, or go on the computer for a bit, but usually it results in quality one-on-one time with one of the kids.  If the baby does go down for a nap, I’ll get to hang out with my four-year-old for a bit… just us, or if he is agreeably reading in his room for a while I will get to really connect and play with my baby while my two-year-old sleeps.

Having that time with just one kid, or none that need my immediate attention, has really given me the ability to clear my head and feel Continue reading Thoughts on Down Time

Tuesday Tutorial: St. Patty’s Day Bucket Game

Dawnica Flatt (Early Childhood Educator and Stampin’ Up Demonstrator) brings you this great activity.

This paper bucket is easy to make and has so many uses!  Makes a great game for the kids to play too!

Bucket Portion

1) Take a square peice of paper.  Here I used a 12×12 sheet of patterend paper. (Fig 1)

2) Lay paper face down in front of you so that it is a diamond (corner at top and bottom). (Fig 2)

3) Fold bottom corner up to meet top corner creating a triangle.  Use Continue reading Tuesday Tutorial: St. Patty’s Day Bucket Game

The Gruffalo: Curled Up With A Good Book

Title: The Gruffalo

Author: Julia Donaldson, Alex Scheffler

Age group: I’ve read this one to lots of age-groups.  My intermediate (grades 4 – 7) students enjoyed The Gruffalo just as much (yes, yes they did) as the primary students that heard The Gruffalo.  My kids love the story and the illustrations.  In fact, my daughter sometimes will keep it in her place of honour… under her pillow.

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Something New To Colour: Crafting with Kids

Some days, the usual appeal of colouring in their colouring books just doesn’t cut it with my kids and I want to make it special and different for them.  The colouring books (of which we have too many, of course) are the same as they always are and the felts are the same, too.  So, we look for something new to colour.  This helps me out and helps the kids out, too.  We wander down to the computer and set out , together, to find some images that the kids might like to colour.  The kids decide what they want to search for and we search in Google Images for cartoon image of their object of choice.  Once they see all the choices that are there, they pick which they would like to colour.  I just print it out in grayscale, so that there is no colour, and set them up to go!

Today, we have a bee, a bear and a puppy!

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Get ‘Er Done: 30 minutes at a time

Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the mess that I make… the mess that my kids make… the messes we make when we live and enjoy ourselves.  I usually wander around for a while and pick at messes… not actually accomplishing any fixing of said mess, but rather making myself feel badly for letting the mess get to “this point”.  So, instead of trying to tackle it all and having the task be monumental, I just break it down. I set the timer on my stove for 30 minutes and I go!

In thirty minutes it is amazing what you can actually accomplish!! Often, I find that is all it takes for me to feel better about the mess and relax (or just go make another one). On occasion, it has even been enough to kick-start me into gear and I can get the whole thing done in far less time. I just needed to have a reasonable goal: do as much as I can in, only 30 minutes.  Then I can get back to playing and having fun with the kids and, let’s face it, making more mess.

In 30 minutes, I can:
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