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Pickling Local Cukes

The one staple that can be found on our dinner table at most meals in our house is a jar of homemade pickles. Many different kinds. You name it, it’s probably been on our table at one time. Sweet beet pickles, savory dill pickles, pickled mixed veggies and even spicy pickled peppers ranging from the more tolerant hot banana peppers to the hottest habaneros.

Each summer, I put up a number of jars of pickles, including a large batch of the most basic dill ones. This requires a large number of fresh picked pickling cucumbers of relatively uniform size.

This year, I got a case of cucumbers from Tranquille Agra Farms. I picked them up directly from the farm within an hour or so of being picked and got to work preparing them into pickles as soon as I got home.

The cucumbers were crisp, clean and a brilliant shade of green!


I used several different methods of pickling with the case of cucumbers I got this week. I used a basic dill and garlic recipe and processed them in a water bath canner for storage:

Always use a properly tested recipe for pickles in order to ensure that they will be shelf-stable and safe to consume!


As well as a few batches of refrigerator pickles that our family will Continue reading Pickling Local Cukes

Jodi is originally from Montréal, Quebec but spent a few years in Northern New Brunswick after graduating from University. She moved to Kamloops in the Spring of 2010 with her family and works as an educational assistant. Her 7 and 8 year old keep her really busy as they love exploring the area and enjoying what Kamloops has to offer!