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Spring Break at River City Gymnastics

Spring has sprung and fun has begun! This year we’ll bounce from theme to theme and every day will be an adventure! Our spring break day camps are available as half days (9-12/12-3) or full days (9-3). Work later? For only $5 an hour, after care is available until 5pm.

River City GymOur days will be loosely structured (this is their holiday you know!). We will offer and encourage a variety of activities for all ages, but child will feel like the choice is theirs when it comes to spring-break entertainment!

Monday: The Spring Break Olympics. “Everyone’s a Winner”

The Sochi Olympics will be long gone by then, but we’d like to keep that competitive spirit alive to kick off our first day of camp! Let the games begin!

  • make our own medals
  • free style shake a thon
  • make our own flags
  • synchronized snack toss
  • Olympic ring-toss
  • ping-pong pitch


Tuesday: The Spring Break Scavenger Hunt. “Finding a Great Time”

This day is going to bring out the Pirate in us. YARR!
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