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Hitting the Trails with Dirty Feet

Last Sunday, over 360 participants ran in the first North Face Dirty Feet Trail Run of the season in the Batchelor/Lac Du Bois Grasslands Park.

It was the second year in a row that our entire family has participated in the 5km event and the kids were far more engaged this year!


My husband ran with our six year old while I ran with our youngest. It was a little chilly at the start of the race for the little one, but it quickly became comfortable enough for her to shed a layer.  The rain that threatened to fall before the race never materialized and all of us racers enjoyed the calm weather and dry terrain.


My daughter ran/walked the entire way, stopping only to take off Continue reading Hitting the Trails with Dirty Feet

About Jodi Roberts

Jodi is originally from Montréal, Quebec and spent a few years in Northern New Brunswick. She moved to Kamloops in the Spring of 2010 and is currently an at-home parent of a 4 and 5 year old as well as a part-time volunteer adaptive ski instructor. She loves exploring the area and enjoying what Kamloops has to offer!

The North Face Dirty Feet Mountain Run

This fun trail running event is back for another year with new course distances to choose from; “Mountain Half” 21km, 10km + 1km, and 5km.

Mountain Half 21km: The mountain half run will start in the village go out on a 10km loop come back through the village before following switchback trails to mid mountain and come back down some of the mountain bike trails.

King and Queen of the Mountain: The first female and male to finish the 21km will be King and Queen of the Mountain and will win a sweet prize!

10km + 1km: Leaves from the village and run a 10km loop thru some sweet trails with amazing views and back through the village and will actually be 10km plus 1km.

5km Run/Walk & Kids Race: A fun run for everyone using the Nordic trails at Sun Peaks, come out and enjoy the day and the Resort.

BOOK YOUR REGISTRATION PACKAGE! Includes race registration and lodging. Book online or call Central Reservations at 1.800.807.3257.

The North Face Dirty Feet Mountain 50km & Relay

This epic race is also sanctioned as the 2015 Canadian National 50km Trail Championships! The course is a clover leaf design and can be raced as a solo or in teams utilizing mountain bike trails off the Sunburst chair, high alpine hiking trails on Mt. Tod, and backcountry mountain bike and Nordic trails on Mt. Morrisey.

For information on The North Face Dirty Feet Mountain Run (5k, 10k and 21k) on September 13, CLICK HERE.

Take on the whole 50km solo or put a team together up to 4 people. There will be 4 legs the first leg will start from the village and head up to mid mountain, Second leg will leave from mid moutain and follow hiking trails to the top of mtn Tod and loop around and return to mid mountain, Third leg will leave mid mountain and follow some new xc trails around the mountain and finish in the Village, Fourth leg will leave from the village and run some great trails on Morriesey mountain and loop around and return and finish in the Village. Exact distances and elevation will be posted for each of the 4 legs.

The lift will be in operation to move teammates from the village to mid-mountain to tag off to your teammate and to bring runners back down. It’s also available for spectators to watch at mid mountain. Make sure to bring your friends to cheer you on!! You will need a pass for the lift – you will receive 2 lift tickets per racer that are included in the price for racers and there will be a fee for other spectators for the lift.

Solo – For Solo runners you will be able to have a drop bag at mid mountain that you can access after leg 1 and leg 2 – or if you have a support person they can use your lift pass and take the lift up and meet you at mid-mountain with your race gear. (2 lift passes are included in your registration) Also you can leave a bag at the bottom for the end of leg 3.

BOOK YOUR REGISTRATION PACKAGE! Includes race registration and lodging. Book online or call Central Reservations at 1.800.807.3257. 

Register for this event on our Facebook event page and be the first to get event updates and announcements. Also be sure to sign-up for the Tourism Sun Peaks e-newsletter.

The North Face Dirty Feet Trail Run #1

Trail Running Race–  this race will be capped at 300 people due to limited shuttle space and parking. Thanks in advance for signing up early. Registration is now open. Click Here.

Distances: 5km, 10km and 21km courses available – 21km course is a new course design – this run location is in North Kamloops and runs thru the grasslands park. You will enjoy a desert like environment with some super fun trails and views of Kamloops.

The North Face Technical Hoodie: $30 at time of registration. – This race will have a North Face Technical Hoodie instead of a T-shirt.  North Face Dirty Feet Technical Hoodies are available for this race. Please Purchase your hoodie at time of on line registration for best size selection. Hoodie Sizes and Quantities are limited. Any hoodies not purchased will be $40 at the race. The front of the hoodie will be as shown in the picture and the back will have a Dirty Feet logo and Wild Mountain logo.

hoodies Web






Race Package Pick- up – Race Packages will be available on Friday March 27th from 4pm-6pm and on Saturday March 28th from 11 – 1pm – Location to be determined.

Out of town racers can pickup their race packages on race day March 29th at the race from 8am – 9am.

Refund Policy  – Sorry No Refunds. –Your registration maybe transferred to another 2015 event but this must be requested 2 weeks prior to the event.

Racer Check In:

Begins March 29th at 8:00am to 9:30am at Start/Finish

Race Map and Elevation Profile:

The 2015 course have a few changes but mostly the same as 2014 Course in the Grasslands above Batchelor Heights.  Click here to Check out 2014 Course Maps and Elevation Profile. Once we have a new map we will post it online.

Parking and Shuttle to race

This location does not have parking so we have provided a shuttle to the start/finish. There will be somewhere to put your gear at the race. The shuttles will start at 7:45am so please make sure you are on a shuttle in time to check-in by 9:30am. More details of where to get the shuttle will be sent out prior to the race.

Where is the shuttle? Please park at the Dirty Jersey  and take the shuttle for more info on getting there and other options please click here. Address of the Dirty Jersey is 1200, 8th street. Click for map. 

Race Start Times:

21 km at 9:30am

10 km at 10:00am

5 km at 10:15am

Entry Fees: Register on line or in person at Runners Sole – Entry does not include on line processing fee.

21 km race early entry fee is $50 includes GST until March 21st.

5 km race early entry fee is $35 includes GST until March 21st.

10 km race early entry fee is $40 includes GST until March 21st.

Entry Fees will increase by $5 in the week before the race starting on March 22nd.

You must register by March 21st, 2015 to receive a race bag full of goodies!

If you would like to volunteer please email INFO@DIRTYFEET.CA regarding volunteering for this event.

Video for this race – Click here to check it out.

Where to Stay:

Accent Inns in Kamloops is offering all our guests a discounted room stay. Click here for more info.

Registration Deadline:

Register Now!!! On-line registration deadline is March 27th, 2015.