Alex the "Pig": A Tutorial

This morning I was feeling a little sorry for myself and in a bit of a 39-weeks-pregnant-messy-house-fighting-a-cold funk.  After my daughter went down for her nap, my four-year-old and I pulled out some books to read, together.  One of his choices was this:dsc_1703We’ve read it a number of times and had seen that there were instructions, in the back, on how to make your own pig!  H is in a stage where he wants to “make” everything that he sees, and “build” all kinds of diggers after reading our digger books from the library and so this fit perfectly.  I thought I’d break out of my feeling-sorry-for-myself funk by trying a little crafting with him.Here are the instructions to make your own pig (or whatever it ends up being).

1) Cut a 25 cm length of stocking, or a sleeve from an old knit sweater…whatever you have lying around.dsc_1672dsc_16732) Sew one end off with loosely stitched embroidery thread so that it can be pulled tightly and knotted.dsc_16813) Turn it inside out and stuff it with fiberfill.dsc_1682dsc_16854) Sew a button onto the knotted end.**My instructional pictures from here on out didn’t really work… all I got is my son – oops.  So, you’ll see the parts I’m describing but only in the finished product.**

5)  Again with embroidery thread, sew a mouth, then eyes.dsc_1692dsc_16956) Put a small ball of fiberfill into the body of the pig and knot some thread around it to form a foot.  Repeat four times (unless you wanted a different number of legs, go ahead).dsc_17007) Cut out two triangles to be the ears and sew them on.

8) Twist off the open end into a tail, or tightly tie thread around the opening to close it off.  We decided to make the tail into little strips so that it was kinda fuzzy.dsc_1701Voila!!Cool, eh?

Our creation is definitely not very pig-like, but my son doesn’t care. His name is Alex.  Alex, meet the world.  World, meet Alex.alex


Elizabeth is a Kamloops lifer. Born at RIH, she is happy to be raising her family here. Married with four wonderful children, Elizabeth is also teacher and enjoys working with parents as she learns more about this “Mommy gig”. Elizabeth is passionate about parenting and enjoys networking with other parents.

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