Banana Bread: Kidz In The Kitchen

Sorry for the delay.  I accidentally set this post for late tonight.  Whoops.

Chant with me…

“First you peel the banana, peel it. Peel it. Peel it. (put up one finger as your banana and pretend to peel it)

Then you cut the banana, cut it. Cut it. Cut it. (hold your “banana finger” out and pretend to cut it with your other finger)

Then you mash the banana, mash it.  Mash it.  Mash it. (make mashing gestures with your hands)

Then you eat the banana, eat it.  Eat it.  Eat it. (put your fingers to your mouth pretending to eat)”

Oooorrr… you could cook it up in some delicious banana bread (stop dancing and singing – hit the kitchen).

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Never Better Play Dough: Kidz In The Kitchen

This top secret recipe comes from Ms. Marlene, at Bumblebees Family Centre.  If you have a pre-schooler, you really do need to check out the program at Bumblebees.  It’s awesome.  There are also two other fabulous Strong Start programs in town!!

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Pizza Buns: Kidz in the Kitchen

This recipe and post was prepared by Chrystal Wagner, Kamloops Mama to two who is blessed to be staying at home and adventuring with them in the kitchen.

This is a new found favorite recipe in our home, although I’d have to say my husband gets more excited about eating them than my daughter does. I enjoy making them with my daughter because even at 2 years old, there are a lot of things she can help with. And if you haven’t made much for breads or doughs, don’t worry, it isn’t near as scary as you might think! The base of this recipe I took from the “Mennonite Girls Can Cook” blog. If you are ever stuck for ideas or want to try something new, they have something for every type of craving! I know, that’s a bit of a plug, but I am loving their site. These pizza buns are a great meal, snack, easy for lunches, picnics, hikes, and freeze well (although you might need to make a double batch to get some in there before they are all eaten!)

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All A-Board Games: Family Game Time

I love playing board games.  I have said that before, I know, but I do.  We love the connection of playing board games with my family and friends.  We get to discuss things, strategize and adventure, all from sitting around the table.  I love watching my kids learn, as we play games, as well.  Numbers, colours, letters, patterns… it’s all there!  Game-playing is an educator’s dream!

In the past, we have purchased our games from the coast, because we didn’t know anywhere local that carried the games we like.  Well, I have just discovered All A-Board Games at 343 Seymour Street!  When I called Derek to find out if he had a particular game in stock (Bohnanza, and he does), I learned some other very useful facts.