Krispy Canada Day Treats: Kidz in the Kitchen

Gooey sticky crunchy sweetness in a muffin-sized glob…

What’s not to like?

Simply melt 1/3 cup of margarine, with 1 bag (about 8 cups) of large marshmallows until it is all melted and then stir in (about 6 cups) Rice Krispies until they are all mixed to the right consistency… you may

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Let’s Get Crazy With Science

Have you checked out the Big Little Science Centre, yet?  Located in Bert Edwards School of Science and Technology (711 Windsor Ave), the Big Little Science Centre began in February 2000 and has intrigued many children of all ages, since.

Lots of great hands-on explorations and fantastic demonstrations are sure to get you and your little ones hooked on the world of discovery and shake any intimidation of “Science”.  Science ROCKS!

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French Toast: Kidz in the Kitchen

Petit Déjeuner?

We love carbohydrate-loaded breakfasts in my house.  French Toast is a big hit, but it is a rare treat.  I just happened to think “Oh, I should make French Toast” while I was in the grocery store, one day, at the same time as I walked past the French Bread. That’s so rare.  My brain was firing on all cylinders, that day!

So… we snacked on some thick, white, store-bought French bread (a rare thing in my house) at dinner and kept some for the next morning.

Milk (1 cup), eggs (5), and a little vanilla (1 tsp) and nutmeg (1/4 tsp).

Mixed together by my 2 year-old…

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Fitting in Fitness in Kamloops: “Don’t knock it ’till you try it”

Miranda Brown is a homeschooling Mama of six beautiful children.

“My running journey started when my 5th baby was 5 months old. I decide I would try something new. I saw an ad in Kamloops Daily News for “Run Club” to start training for the annual Boogie the Bridge. So I quickly signed up while I had myself convinced it was a good idea. I did 2 sessions with Kamloops Run Club and then found out I was expecting baby number 6. I hadn’t loved running at that point at all.

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Cloth Diapering 101: Meet Krystal

Meet Krystal Clark; local cding fanatic and Mama-to-one (with a bun in the oven arriving in August).

“Cloth Diapering: It’s a crappy job, but someone has to do it. [Just kidding!]

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