Who Says You Need A Plan?: Crafting With Kids

There are always great craft ideas to find online, when I need a little inspiration.  But, sometimes, it’s just enough to give the kids a word and let them go with the materials I have on hand.  “Rocket”  (enough said, for my five-year-old son)  “Pony” (my nearly-3-year-old is all over it).

We always have a good stock of dollar-store items on hand.  Glue sticks and white glue, tape, feathers, googly eyes, cardboard, construction paper, funky scissors, popsicle sticks and foam sheets are just a few and provide a good base to add personality to any creation.

Kamloops’ city curbside recycling program is a fantastic thing for the

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The Little Things Are (and get) Big

Tracy Ziebart-Cook is a workin’ Kamloops Mom to Dylan, shown below.  Tracy will be a contributor to KamloopsParents.com.  Welcome aboard, Tracy!!

I just recently returned from a trip to visit my son’s grandparents in Alberta.  It was supposed to be a week trip, but it turned into a three week trip because my son came down with a nasty bug and we decided it was better for me and my lil muffin to stay put instead of making the 9+ hour drive with a sick toddler.

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Getting Snuggly with Snug-Glee

The cloth diapering community in Kamloops is booming.  I’m thrilled to see that we, Kamloops parents, are taking steps to keep our city (and our planet) greener by significantly reducing the landfill waste of disposable diapers.  However, not everyone is interested in dealing with the dirties.  Honestly, diaper laundry is not my favourite.  But!  There is now an alternative in Kamloops.

Now, if you are interested in trying out cloth diapering but don’t want to look after the laundry… there is someone else who wants to do it for you!

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Car Seat Safety: Traveling with the most precious cargo

Melissa Carlin is a certified CPST (Child Passenger Seat Technician) and also a mother of three gorgeous gals, here in Kamloops.  Melissa is passionate about car seat safety and shares a little bit of her knowledge on Child Passenger Safety with us, today. If you have any questions about Car Seat Safety, you can contact her at Lizzie Bits Baby Co (250-374-8706).

Please take the time to ensure that you read up on Car Seat Safety. Keep your kids safe on the road!

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Cheesy Breadsticks and Dip: Kidz in the Kitchen

Have you seen Kamloops Momma?  It’s a free local magazine featuring all kinds of family-friendly articles and features.  You can download it on their website and also find it around town at lots of family-friendly locations.

If you have caught the latest edition you will see a lunch idea that my son and I worked on.  In case you missed it, here it is:

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