Canning Wind Chime: Crafting With Kids

While we were working on the apricots, I was tossing aside all the old seals, but wasn’t able to part with them just yet.  I knew that there was something that we could do… eventually.  I think it’s sort of a problem… this “saving things for some future craft…”  It makes for a lot of boxes of junk!

Anyhow, as we worked on the apricots, I figured out that we could make a wind chime or a mobile out of them.  Here is what we did…

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The Top 11 Mortgage Questions: Sheila Minten

Sheila Minten is a local Mortgage Broker.  She works from her home, or yours, to provide professional financial advise when you are looking at mortgages – old or new.  Sheila will travel to meet you; on your schedule and where it works best for you in order to assist with all the financial details of purchasing a home and consolidating debt.

Here, Sheila answers the top 11 questions that she hears, when people are applying for a mortgage.  If there is something that you are wondering about, with regards to home finances, give her a shout at 250-852-0420.  Sheila also hosts Home Buyer Seminars that are open to the public, families too.  You can contact her at 250-852-0420 for more information.  You can also keep updated and connected by liking her facebook page.

Top 11 questions asked when applying for a mortgage:

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Good Form: The Kamloops Disc Golf Experience

“Frisbee?”  Nope.  This is different.  The designs might be just as interesting as you might see on a frisbee, but these are discs.  Golfing discs, to be precise (and I’m probably not, it’s been a while).  A good golfer carries a bunch of clubs and wields them well.  A good disc golfer does the same, only he doesn’t get a cart, nor a rolling bag. They are carried.  And some of ’em are heavy!

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The Viking Longboat: Kidz in the Kitchen

It’s an age-old classic… “ants on a log

You cut up a celery stick to munching size and fill the scoop with peanut butter (or cheese whiz).

Then, you top it with raisins.

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Little Kites – Look What Mommy Made: Crafting With (For) Kids

And then sometimes the intentions are great.. but then the actual effort is all on your shoulders.  It takes a little more hands-on work than you plan and the kids don’t actually get to do very much of the crafting.  But, that’s okay, too…

Sarah and I got our kids together to create some little kites for the kids.  We visited and crafted, the kids waited patiently for each little step that they could do and then enjoyed the final result, immensely.

We started out by creating our kite string-bobbin.  We got the kids to wrap sewing thread around an old hair roller (sweet crafty junk re-use!!).

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