Join a Team: Fitting in Fitness

Michelle Onyango is a mother of three gorgeous kids and a very active Kamloops parent. Michelle coaches a number of different teams in the community, both at her children’s school and in various clubs. Michelle was also one of the community torch-bearers on the Olympic torch run!   This month, Michelle is our fitness-feature parent.

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“Anything” Muffins: Kidz In The Kitchen

Muffins are beautiful.  Muffins are fine!  I like muffins; I could eat them all the time…. oh, wait.  That’s sandwiches.

Anyhow, muffins are a great treat and a great snack and, if you make ’em right, a great meal!

We have a favourite muffin recipe that is a quick and easy base for any additions.  That means that it makes a great “fill-in-the-blank” muffin!  Blueberry?  Yes.  Ham and cheese?  Yes.  Apricot?  Yes.  Chocolate Chip?  Yes.  Savoury Cheese?  Yes.  Apples and Cinnamon?  Yes.

We’ve tried all of those and they are always a fast and fabulous muffin!

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Sheet Watercolour (Bizarre Bazaar): Crafting with Kids

Every Thursday, the Kamloops Arts Council and the City of Kamloops pair up to bring “The Bizarre Bazaar” to Kamloops residents.  It’s an eclectic gathering of all kinds of artists from our community, and a great occasion to get out with the family and sample a variety of the arts.  From 12 to 7pm, you can go to the Old Courthouse on Seymour Street (turn into the parking lot off 3rd Ave and drive through the lot to the back, to park) and experience all kinds of family fun!

You can tour the gallery inside the Courthouse!

You can check out the children’s play “King Arthur: Lost in Time” out on the front lawn at 1pm!

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Puzzles, Costumes and Games, Oh My! The Kamloops Children’s Museum

July 10th marked the grand opening for the Kamloops Museum & Archives’ Children’s Museum.  After much planning the bottom floor of the museum is now kid-friendly and featuring a number of hands-on displays, as well as lots of great educational opportunities for young children.

My kids and I took my Mom along to check it out, just last week.  It was a nice and cool place to spend a hot summer morning!  We really liked it.  As I was tucking my son into bed he asked, “Mom, can we go to the Children’s Museum again, tomorrow?”

The kids loved the big prehistoric water table with all kinds of real heritage secrets hidden within it.

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This Is The Pits: Kidz In The Kitchen

It’s apricot season.  Oh yes, yes it is!

All over Kamloops there are apricot trees dropping their fruit – aaahhhh!!

I love apricots.  Love!  I grew up with a tree in the back yard and was lucky enough to get to learn the art of canning from my Mom at a young age.  I remember standing at the kitchen sink with apricots up to my elbows washing and pitting and shoving them into the hot jars.  It turned full circle when she helped me can my own apricots in my own kitchen when I was pregnant with my eldest (actually, I guess that isn’t full circle – that will be when I can for her. Anyhow, I digress.)  Oh, wait!  No, there is a full circle moment.  Here it is…

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