Kids Say The Darndest Things

Julie, mom of two, reports:

1. We were driving past the RIH and my daughter asked, “Mom, Is that where you bought me and Zack?” Hahaha, if only it was that easy!

2. We were at Montana’s when my son (who was 2.5 at the time) notice the stuffed deer head and exclaimed with urgency in his voice, “LOOK DAD! Deer is stuck in wall!”

3. We have a baby gate at the top of our long stairs and

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Kamloops Connexions: Get Connected

What is Kamloops Connexions, you ask?  Well, on the surface it’s a mommy group that gets together every Friday morning. We put our kids (crawlers to age of 6) in childcare.  We drink coffee, chat and eat yummy snacks.  It’s a break from everyday, chaotic life.  Connexions supports our community by making meals for moms with newborns, donating to the Coats for Kids program, helping families at Christmas through YMCA Women’s Shelter and many other causes that the members want to assist with.

That in itself, in my opinion, is pretty impressive.

However, Connexions is SO much more then that.  It’s meeting up

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Life With A Toddler: Take Time To Read

Look around my house on any given day and you will find children’s items scattered about.  The other day when I was helping my son clean up, I noticed that in amongst all the toys were lots of books.  He’s 20 months and in the last few months has really taken an interest in “reading”.   His reading involves flipping quickly through pages and identifying things he knows.  When I notice him with a book, I try to take that opportunity to sit with him and either read, or

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