Cinnamon Buns Yum: Kidz in the Kitchen

Leah is Mom to four great Kamloops kids, aged 17, 14, 12 and 2.5. Summertime can occasionally be a boring time for school age children – especially when their friends are away on vacation or busy with sports camps etc.  This summer we found that there was a lot of down time for my son, … Read more Cinnamon Buns Yum: Kidz in the Kitchen

Alpha-ntastic: Crafting With Kids

My daughter is 5 and has just started Kindergarten. I decided that we would create an alphabet together to help her remember the sounds the letters make. So with some help from the amazing website we started building our alphabet. (“A” looks like an alligator, “B” is striped like a bee, etc.)

There are so many fun things you can do with the letters depending

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Get Creative and Fit It In: Fitting in Fitness

Sabrina is a fit Kamloops Mama, dedicated to helping others get fit, too!  Sabrina is this month’s fitness feature parent.

As a Personal Trainer and Boot Camp instructor I lead many individuals through organized classes and programs that are scheduled in for each month.  For myself, I schedule my workouts the same way, and with the same importance as my two childrens appointments.

First of all we need to realize our personal wellness in critical to

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Fire Safety Games: Safety First

Recently, we were fortunate to get a tour of the Tranquille Fire Hall. The firefighters did a fabulous job of catering to our group of under-five-year-olds.  They reviewed some fundamental ideas with the kids by playing some games.

These games are easy for you to play with your kids, too.  What  a great way to put fire safety into practice…

Game 1: Stay low under the “cloud of smoke”.  Waving a grey blanket

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Jello Jigglers: Kidz In The Kitchen

Want to try out some great and fun snacks?  What about Jello Jigglers?  Danica, mom to two young ladies, made these for the kids to enjoy!  I tried them out for my daughter’s birth-tea party and they were a huge hit!  The kids loved cutting them out and blue jello is always a super treat.

Jello Jigglers

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