Tumbleweed Toys: Not Your Average Toy Store

I don’t know if you have heard or not, but I am here today to tell you that there is a new toy store in town.

And it rocks.

Tumbleweed Toys is located in Sahali Mall and from their opening day, I was in love.  They have an incredible variety in their stock.  They have something for absolutely everyone; from your baby to your grandparents.  My family and I have spent a great deal of time browsing their shelves and playing with the demo toys that are displayed for you to try.  If you can’t make it up to Sahali Mall to check out the store for yourself, you can cruise their online shop and take a look at the fantastic selection that you can see for yourself in the store.

Tumbleweed Toys prides themselves on carrying unique items and offering them at good prices, too.  Many of their products you won’t find anywhere in Kamloops.  I was first drawn in by their awesome selection of games and they have competitive prices on many games that we know and love to play!  They are also willing to try and find something, as I ordered a number of French Cooperative games for my school, through them.  I told them my interest, they found out where I could get them and ordered them for me!  Wonderful!

Tumbleweed Toys also supports eco-friendly products.  Wood, “green” and educational?  They’ve got it.  Many of their products are organically-made or produced by an ecologically-considerate company.  They may be wooden, made from recycled parts or involve you doing some recycling of your own!  Most of their products are not the plastic and easily-breakable toys which tend to accumulate when you have kids.

Our most recent toy from Tumbleweed Toys, is ÜberStix.  I had never heard about ÜberStix until I saw them in the shop and Tom told me a little bit about them.  ÜberStix is a really cool building set.  ÜberStix are unique in that they have a “Recycling Series” that Tumbleweed Toys carries.  These toys involve you finding some recyclables around your house to incorporate into the construction of the toy.  How intriguing!  In order to complete our Pirate Ship, we had to incorporate 39 paperclips, one water bottle, one plastic grocery bag, two popsicle sticks and two paper cups!  Also, they are designed to join with any of the other major build sets so you don’t have to worry about tossing your Lego if you have ÜberStix, too, because they can fit together!  Just imagine what you could build!  Each ÜberStix set comes with all the pieces and the full instructions to build one really cool toy.  My son and I got to build the Pirate Ship, together.  The ÜberStix box says that these products are for children 7 and up, but my five-year-old had no problem putting the pieces together, and was ready to ask my help when we got to the more complicated parts.  In fact, I let him open it up, then went off to get dinner started and when I came back he had already assembled quite a few different parts!  I was impressed.  The instructions were very visual and clear, as well as easy to follow from start to finish.  Here are a few shots of us working on our Pirate Ship, my 5yo son, my 3yo daughter and I.

Opening the Package (SO! EXCITED!)

My daughter waits patiently for her turn to play.

Taking a look at the pieces and trying to assemble the first part.

All by himself!  Already on the fifth step!

And here we are at the base assembled.

I got to help a little more, the next day.

Tadaa!!!  Almost done and it looks like a pirate ship!  So cool!

What a great work-together project!  I definitely want to give more ÜberStix a try because each set comes with the same pieces, to they can all fit together to create some amazing stuff!!

Tom and Sarah, from Tumbleweed Toys are offering a most-fantastic giveaway to KamloopsParents.Com.

They are giving away one ÜberStix set (the Outrigger), one locally-made wooden car AND the Eric Carle Dream Snow advent calendar.  Wow!  Three lucky readers will be drawn to win.  These are all fantastic prizes.  The advent calendar you can enjoy before Christmas, but the other two will make great gifts, for sure!!  I’m a big fan of advent calendars, in general.  Come back tomorrow to read about what my family will be doing, this year.  You’ve just heard my take on the ÜberStix, and the wooden car is beautifully made.  Tumbleweed Toys carries a whole selection of wooden cars, trucks and planes.  They are all made in Kamloops and polished with food-grade mineral oil, so they are safe to play with (or get put into a baby’s mouth as so often happens).

Here are a few ways that you can win part of the Tumbleweed Toys giveaways.  I will be drawing for the Advent Calendar winner on November 29th at 10pm, as you will want to have it to use on December 1st.  The other two items will stay open for two weeks, until 10pm on December 5th.  There are three great prizes, so there are lots of ways to enter.

1) You can enter once each day, by commenting or e-mailing elizabeth@kamloopsparents.com, to let me know how much you want to win.

2) You can tell me something cool that you learned about Überstix.

3) You can tell me something that you like about Tumbleweed Toys.

4) You can get another entry if you have been into the shop and seen the great stuff they carry!

5) You can go and like their page on facebook.

6) You can tag their page in your status with this contest.

7) You can tell me one thing that is on your wish list from Tumbleweed Toys, by looking in their online shop!

8 ) You can invite your friends to like their facebook page, too!

Good luck!!


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Elizabeth is a Kamloops lifer. Born at RIH, she is happy to be raising her family here. Married with four wonderful children, Elizabeth is also teacher and enjoys working with parents as she learns more about this “Mommy gig”. Elizabeth is passionate about parenting and enjoys networking with other parents.

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  1. We have been into the store a few times and Tom is wonderful — Very helpful and has called every time the item we’re looking for comes in with NO pressure to purchase. Just a friendly come in and look to see if it’s what you want!

  2. We love all the aboriginal toys at Tumbleweed toys — and the educational tools for teachers! There is no other place in town that offers educational things for teachers (plus they give a teachers discount if you are using it for your classroom!).

  3. 1)Todays entry 🙂
    2) I learned that Uberstix sets incoporate household recyclables.
    3)I like that Tumbleweed toys offers green and eco friendly toys.
    4)We like the moto push bike
    5)I like the FB page
    7) Crazyforts are on my sons wishlist 🙂
    8) Invited 22 FB friends.

  4. Yvonne Dmyterko Us please 🙂
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  5. ubersticks usings household recyclables how cool is that! I already like tumbleweed toys and have invited friends. I like that their store is local and carries eco friendly toys and wooden toys! I’ll be giving them a shout out today 🙂

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