Easy Curry Chicken ‘n Rice: Kidz in the Kitchen

Tiffany brings this terrific recipe to share…

“This recipe is very mild and most kids love it. Don’t be put off by the curry it’s amazing!

Boneless skinless chicken breast or other
Instant rice
Cream or mushroom soup milk
Seasoning  salt
Mild curry powder
Grated cheddar cheese.
Olive oil

Place a tbsp of oil in a frying pan heat. Add enough chicken for your

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Love Day Wreath: Crafting With Kids

Normally I would shudder at the thought of cutting up a book, but I bought an outdated reference book at the TNRD library book sale specifically for crafting with. Today, we did! (Though I did clearly explain to the kids that this is the ONLY book that it is acceptable to tear pages from!)

I ripped out pages and with black Sharpies me and little miss drew

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Spark Story Starters: Review and Giveaway

Sometimes you are sitting in the car, the road ahead of you stretches endlessly and if those little feet kick the back of your chair one. more. time you might. just. snap. Ever been there? Please don’t tell me it’s just me?  I mean, my kids are fantastic travellers, but there are always those moments. … Read more Spark Story Starters: Review and Giveaway

Meal Planning: Moms In The Kitchen

Amanda brings this meal plan.  An idea of a strategy to follow for a little inspiration!!

This is part two in a multi-part series.  (part one is here) Do you want to weigh in?  E-mail elizabeth@kamloopsparents.com.


Here is my mealplan for the next 2 weeks, I don’t give each meal a

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Splatter Paint: Crafting With Kids

The Children’s Art Festival, in September, was a fabulous time.  The kids had a super day and got to bring all kinds of awesome creations home.

I was thinking that this would make a fantastic seasonal winter artwork if you used black construction paper and splattered on white

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