Breakfast Crisp: Kidz In The Kitchen

Jes, mom to three boys, sends this recipe in…

“This is a favorite around my house and it’s so easy to change up, add stuff to.”

Breakfast Crisp

  • 1 1/2 cups quick cooking oats
  • 1/2 cup unbleached all-purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 1/4 cup margarine, softened
  • 1 egg


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Pink Shirt Day: Crafting With Kids


It’s bad news.

It happens and kids get hurt.  Hey, we get hurt.  There was a young man in grade 9 who was made fun of for wearing a pink shirt at a new school.  The next day, his classmates chose to take a stand and two young men distributed pink shirts to many boys at the school.  Now, the message has spread.

Bullies – we say buzz off!

February 23rd, many children across the globe will be encouraged to wear pink shirts to school to take a stand against bullying and break the stereotype that pink is just for girls.

If you can, wear pink and support the initiative!

My kids and I have made special pink shirts to wear tomorrow- today’s crafty project!

Check it out…

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He Said – She Said
A Fit Family Weighs In: Fitting In Fitness

I recently had the chance to interview a wonderful couple.  They are parents of two, a 2 year-old boy and a nearly 4 month-old baby girl.  Wayne trains for Triathlons and Sarah is the recent winner in the Fit By Design Mommy’s Wellness Challenge!

1) What motivates you to find time for fitness?

Wayne: I enjoy fitness and the time I get to spend training. I am constantly pushing myself to reach new levels so my training doesn’t get repetitive or boring. But what really keeps me going and gets me out there is having a goal with a plan and focus. Right now my goal is to complete a half ironman distance triathlon (2000m swim, 94km bike, 21km run). I have registered and paid for the race so I feel like I am committed to the training. I also have a training plan that I follow which lays out my workouts for me each week. The race is in June so I have 13 weeks left in the 20 week training plan. I also have a great training partner whose goal is the same race and has a similar family and work situation. When I don’t feel like heading to the pool or out for a run I go because I know he will be there waiting for me.

Sarah: This is a tough one for me…I know that exercising is important BUT there are so many things demanding my time. Exercise has never been a natural part of my life and it is easy for me to blow it off. My goal is to feel good about myself and to be an active part of my kid’s lives for as long as I am able. In order to accomplish this I feel I need to be disciplined and lead by example. It is important for fitness to be a part of our family routine, and it’s a lot of fun too!

2) What has your biggest obstacle been?

Wayne: Time is my biggest obstacle between work, family, other responsibilities, sleeping and eating properly it is hard to fit in the 7 or 8 hours of necessary training. But with planning and support form Sarah I get the hours in most weeks.

Sarah: My biggest obstacles are Time and Motivation! My kids are my motivation, and they are kind of hard to ignore ;). I am constantly reminded that it is so important for me to be fit if I want to be actively involved in their lives in the future. Right now it’s running around the house/yard playing tag, but before long it will be snowboarding, wake boarding, hiking, canoeing and the like. As for time…There will never be enough time for everything. I have recently read that if you do It first, It will get done! This is what I am trying to practise.

3) Do you ever work out together?

We have worked out together in the pre children era. Working out exclusively as a couple has become a little more complicated since children, so we don’t get to do it that often. We plan to work out together once the weather warms up and we can take the kids outside with us.

4) What is the greatest reward?

Wayne: There are several rewards from the lifestyle we lead; I enjoy being in good shape, feeling good and having energy to play with my kids. I take pride in finishing races, increasing my distances and getting faster. But most of all I know I am teaching my son and daughter how to live healthy lifestyles and how to work for and achieve goals.

Sarah: One of the biggest rewards I receive from an active lifestyle would be the long term health benefits. I love feeling strong after a good workout where I’ve pushed myself and it feels so good to see the physical results. During my latest fitness session with the Mommy’s Wellness Challenge by Fit by Design I lost a total of 10.5 inches in 6 weeks and I feel so

5) What would your fitness “routine” or “regimen” look like? Can you describe it?

Wayne: I do shift work so I do not have a set training schedule. What I shoot for each week is; 2 swim work outs, one speed focused day and one distance focused day. One long run and 1 or 2 short faster runs per week along with 2 bike workouts. For example this last week I worked Monday, Tuesday and Friday, Saturday 10 hour shifts.

Sunday- Run long 17km off work.

Monday- Swim long day 2500m before work.

Tuesday-Rest day, but worked.

Wednesday- Swim speed day 2500m in short fast sets in the morning. In the afternoon I ran 9km then biked 30minutes. This was a day off work.

Thursday- 90 minute bike, off work.

Friday- Short run before work.

Saturday- Rest day but worked.

I sit down at the start of each week go over my schedule and see where I can fit in my training. Then write it down and stick to the plan. Also to help with training for the half iron race I have scheduled a couple smaller events to prepare my body for racing. I am doing a sprint distance triathlon(600m swim, 20km bike, 5km run) and a half marathon (21km run) in May.

Sarah: I have been working out twice a week with Fit by design. Having a scheduled

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A Fit Family Weighs In: Fitting In Fitness

Meal Planning (an experience):
Moms in the Kitchen

This meal planning post comes from Alison Gregory.  This is part three in a multi-part series.  (part one is here, then part two) Do you want to weigh in?  E-mail


This year, I have decided to try meal planning (again). I have done this in the past, and usually last a week, two at the most, before I fall back into old habits of fast food, take-out, and freezer standby food. Not only is meal planning a big help with my weight loss goal, but it is cheaper, faster and definitely a load off at the end of a busy day.

I have two busy boys, and K is very picky! He doesn’t like anything squishy, cheesy, saucy, or new… and that doesn’t leave me with much. R will just follow K’s lead, and push away his plate as soon as big brother does. SO… we have started the “try it” system, where as long as they will try something, it’s considered a success.

Before I start my meal planning, I flip through cook books, websites

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Moms in the Kitchen

Home Decorator – The Kid Edition:
Crafting With Kids

Chrystal, creative mom to two precious jewels reports…

“This last week we just took the BIG plunge: we put our one and a half year old in the same room as our three year old!

We might regret it, but so far (4 days later) the idea of them being best friends is still outweighing our new 6am wake up call. After getting their beds and bedding and setting their room up, the blank walls were staring us right in the face. There’s just something about pictures and art on walls that makes a room feel cozy and homey. The thing is, decorating is just so stinkin’ expensive!

I would absolutely LOVE my house to look like the pages of a magazine, but, uh, that’s never going to happen. So, my mennonite blood starting working and I came up with this little decorating idea for my kids new room. Now, if you aren’t familiar with mennonites, we are famous for two main things (in my opinion)

1. some dang good food that would give any health nut a heart attack, and

2. being cheap, frugal, thrifty… you get the idea.

So I went on down to the dollar store, bought 5 canvases for $10 (of course you can get much nicer ones at other stores, but again, I’m

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Crafting With Kids