Learn Your Child’s Love Language

Most of us speak another language without even being aware of it.  Did you know that there are five love languages?

Physical Touch

Acts of Service

Quality Time

Gift Giving

Words of Affirmation

These are all different ways that we can speak and receive love.  The truth is, we sometimes don’t have love “spoken” to us in the right way.  The same is true for our children!

Come and learn about your child’s love language.  Discover the way your child communicates love to others and, more importantly, needs to have love communicated to them!

Sunday May 15th, from 3 – 6pm, a parenting workshop will

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Kid Friendly Music (and Parents Too!)
Keller Williams | Kids

This month I am happy to share one of my favorite artists with you and I am even happier to inform you that he release a new kids album last fall!
His name is Keller Williams and if you haven’t seen or heard of him before then you need to stop reading right now and watch this.

Keller is fantastic. He is full of energy, creative, and with album titles such as “Laugh”, “Dream”, “Dance”, “Breathe” you can be sure that the music is light hearted and easy to listen to. Somewhere within the realm of folk and funk you will find Keller jamming away.

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Keller Williams | Kids

Lightly Frosted Fun:
Kids in the Kitchen

The best part of helping out in the kitchen…

Licking the beaters!!

Shalyn was recently baking with her little cutie and they made a

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Kids in the Kitchen

Goo-tiful Craft Kits: Crafting With Kids

Lukin Krecsy-Hale (6) got his creative juices flowing as he does science experiments at home with his mom.  Here he plays with the “worms” he created from a kit he saved his money to buy from Fintastics Cuts for Kids. GuestAs always, you and your ideas are wonderfully welcomed. If you are interested in getting … Read more Goo-tiful Craft Kits: Crafting With Kids