Light Art: Crafting With Kids

We like glow stick dance parties.  Also, the kids like to get their hands on my camera.

There are some occasions when the two come together perfectly.


Glow stick party

Cameras with Kids

It’s not really a craft, but CHECK!  IT!  OUT!

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Angela’s Flowers N’ Things: A giveaway

Have you seen them yet?

They are a bright and colourful display on the front counter at Lizzie Bits Baby Co, you can catch them online and I saw them at the Kids’ Swap and at PB&J Expo at Sahali Mall.  I’ve seen them all over and are they ever cute?!

Angela’s Flowers N’ Things

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FREE MONEY? – I’ll take it!!!

~ By Kathy Grant, KG Creative Consulting (

With children come a lot of financial obligations for families: diapers, food, clothing, daycare, sports, treats, parties, gifts… the costs add up and feel like they are never ending! It’s a struggle for many of us to keep up with the demands of children, so at an early age it is important we begin to think about investing for their future so it won’t be such a hefty bill when they are ready for the next step. Like I was, you might be wondering where to start? My recommendation would to seek out many options to find the right fit for you but I would definitely suggest you speak with Karen Lanoue, a CST (Canadian Scholarship Trust) Representative.

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Water For Elephants:
(Mom is) Curled up with a Good Book

Book Review by Coreena McBurnie My blog: Books & Other Creative Adventures Book: Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen, HarperCollins, 2006.  335 pages. Source: Purchased. Water For Elephants is the story of Jacob Jankowski, now an elderly man, either 90 or 93, he is not sure, who is looking back at his time in the … Read more Water For Elephants:
(Mom is) Curled up with a Good Book

Breakfast For Dinner: Kids In The Kitchen

The fridge is bare. We need to get groceries. It gets here a lot. Working Mom plus Working Dad Equals… well, not enough groceries. I confess that sometimes it gets to this point.  Sometimes… well, pretty much every two weeks. The whole meal planning thing?  Yeah. It doesn’t work for me.  I want it to… … Read more Breakfast For Dinner: Kids In The Kitchen