Books for BC Babies

Books for BC Babies was a provincial program that gave every newborn child in BC a bag containing a boardbook, a CD, and information about early literacy and the local public library.  In 2009 the Provincial Government cut public library funding by 22%.  One of the programs that was cut was Books for BC Babies.  Luckily, the Youth Services/Literacy Librarian at the TNRD Library System was able to bring back this wonderful program with help from The Kamloops Foundation, Interior Savings Credit Unions, and the British Columbia Library Association.  The TNRD Library System now has over 1000 bags to give out to newborns in 2011!  They are extending the age to those born in 2010 as well, since those babies were missed due to the cuts.

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Ice Cream In a Bag:
Kidz In The Kitchen

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

July is National Ice Cream Month – YUMMY! Not that I needed an excuse to eat ice cream but I am sure this is a good one.

To celebrate, I thought I would try ice cream in a bag, an activity that the kids can really get in on, they can mix and they can shake!  I found the recipe here.

Here is what you will need for one serving.

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Kidz In The Kitchen

Body Painting: Crafting With Kids

I really thought the children wouldn’t enjoy covering their bodies in sticky paint; I was soooooo wrong!

They created body masterpieces.

The boys created cuts, scars, blood and moustaches.

The girls did their makeup;)

I didn’t have any paintbrushes so we just used Q-tips.

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The KP “Been There Done That” Squad

KamloopsParents.Com presents…
The KP “Been There Done That” Squad

A team of over twenty-five parents who have all sorts of parenting experiences. From the Mom of thirteen with one on the way, to the first-time Mom of one. From the experienced parent, to the rookie! If you want the truth…. we are all rookies. Each day presents something new, somewhere we have not already been, something that we have not already done. So, why not look to someone who has?!
The KP BTDT Squad will be sharing their experiences and answering two questions per month. Each parent will answer the questions if they can and their answers will be compiled into a feature post to share with readers. These will be general questions that many parents will wonder about as they raise their children. The BTDT Squad will be talking about subjects like potty training, how they dealt with picky eaters, their most favourite family adventures, and how they managed to ever sleep through the night!

Meet the KP “Been There Done That” Squad…

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