Red Velvet Pancakes: Kidz In the Kitchen

Red Velvet Pancakes!!?  Why don’t mind if I do!

So. good.  Super delicious and fun to look at and eat.  They would be PERFECT for Valentine’s Day!!

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Making print wrapping paper: Crafting With Kids

I received a bag full of bubble wrap!!

The kids wanted to “pop it ALL.”

I wanted to try and do some print making, so we did. Then we popped it all!

What you need

  • bubble wrap
  • rolling pin
  • paint
  • paper

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Best advice:
Been There Done That

The KP BTDT Squad will be sharing their experiences and answering two questions per month. Each parent will answer the questions if they can and their answers will be compiled into a feature post to share with readers. These will be general questions that many parents will wonder about as they raise their children. The BTDT Squad will be talking about subjects like potty training, how they dealt with picky eaters, their most favourite family adventures, and how they managed to ever sleep through the night!


Today’s post is “A Parent’s Best Advice”

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Been There Done That

RESP-Canadian Scholarship Trust

In my first four years of University, I was lucky enough to pay my tuition and then get a nice fat cheque to cover a large portion of what I just paid!  I’m so thankful for that.  I didn’t have to get a student loan until my fifth year of University when I set out … Read more RESP-Canadian Scholarship Trust

Toy Talk: Zingo

Toy: Zingo Appropriate Age: 2 – Adult Where to find it: Discovery Toys ( Approximate Cost: $23.00 + HST/Shipping (psst… Zingo is on sale for $18.40 until this Sunday) A Tale of Zingo: Zingo is a family favourite – it’s a bingo game with a twist. I have two boys, ages 2 & 4, and we love … Read more Toy Talk: Zingo