Twongo: the power of team buying

Twongo: n. the best way to get great deals,

v. to describe the saving of money; I Twongo-ed ten dollars off my family’s meal at Taco Del Mar!

Just kidding!  But, yes; I wondered what the word meant, as well.  I’m so glad that I heard about Twongo.  I first was introduced by a massage therapist whom I greatly appreciate.  She mentioned it, as her business was getting on board to offer a great deal to Kamloops customers.  I signed up, got my free $5 and bought the max of her offered massage deals.  Then, I learned that I could get free money by sharing the program with my friends!  I totally did!  $5 a referral?!  I lucked out!

I have enjoyed many a great Twongo deal!  From massage to kid’s haircuts, waterslides to restaurant gift certificates, Twongo has it all.  Every day I am excited to see what kind of wonderful deal is waiting in my inbox.

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Green Space Services: a cleaner carpet review

I’ve only had my carpets for a year but we have lived on them.  Spots, toothpaste smears, dirt…  Apparently I’m not that good at keeping up with my kids and their bedroom mess!

I have heard good stuff about Green Space Services and, after meeting Ron at the Interior Children’s Expo, I decided to give Green Space Services a call and see if he could help out my problem.

He arrived with a smile and a ready explanation for my kids clamoring to see “What are you doing now?” and “That’s a big vacuum,” and “Why are you doing that?”

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Danny Michel | Feather Fur & Fin
Kid Friendly Music (and Parents Too!)

This summer I had the pleasure of being introduced to one of Canada’s great unknown artists. Some of you may have see Danny Michel open up for Stuart McLean’s Vinyl Cafe Road Show a couple years ago. Seems Stuart was onto something because a short time later David Suzuki picked the title track of Danny’s album for his ‘Playlist for the Planet’. The album was entitled Feather Fur and Fin and I now own an autographed copy of it.

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Kid Friendly Music (and Parents Too!)

It’s a Wrap (lettuce wrap, that is): Kidz In The Kitchen

It’s A Wrap! – Lettuce Wrap That Is!

Karly, the super-Mama behind Kustom Kribs, brings you this little peek into her kitchen.

I was craving Lettuce Wraps something fierce and my detail oriented hubby didn’t know what they were (even tho I told him the event and place where he had in fact enjoyed them several years ago…) Anyway I was handed a recipe from a friend who had the recipe handed to her from a great mutual friend of ours. I made some slight modifications to the original recipe (just to accomodate ingredients I had on hand) and here’s how it went!

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Concrete Garden Plates: Crafting With Kids

I have reached the moment where I have a six year-old, a four year-old and a two year-old.  I needed to commemorate their size.  So, we pulled out some concrete (handy home renovations, right?) and at my son’s 2nd birthday party, we presented a very parent-involved project: Concrete Hand-print and Jewel Garden Plates!

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