Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies: Kidz In the Kitchen

The other day I wanted to make some cookies with the kids.  So, I flipped through my cookbooks and just wasn’t inspired to make any of my classics.

I decided to look online for something new and I came across this:

Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies

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Ice Globe Lanterns: Crafting with Kids

Cristalee, mom to two girls and extraordinary seamstress, writes:

Ok, so I moved to a new house about a month ago and it dawned on me.  This year we will actually get a lot of trick or treaters for Halloween.  Coming from a house where got virtually none, I was super stoked.  I started thinking of ways to decorate our front entrance and driveway.  Hmmm…. Things can get expensive.  Being part Irish/Scottish or whatever I wanted to do things on the cheap!

Even buying a lot of pumpkins and carving them can get expensive (because I like to go big) and time consuming and messy.  My oldest being only 4, well, she’s definitely not able to do it all by herself.

I remembered my mom making star shaped ice lanterns for center pieces one year with a mould she bought.  I thought for sure there would be a Halloween themed mould that I could buy online.  I couldn’t find one.  I did; however, find lots of posts on how to make your own ice lanterns.  After reading a lot of different tutorials and experimenting a few times on my own I came up with a way to make orange round ones.  I used mine for Halloween but this craft can be created anytime year-round and would be awesome for a winter party!

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Chore Chat: Been There Done That

A team of over twenty-five parents who have all sorts of parenting experiences. From the Mom of thirteen with one on the way, to the first-time Mom of one. From the experienced parent, to the rookie! If you want the truth…. we are all rookies. Each day presents something new, somewhere we have not already … Read more Chore Chat: Been There Done That

Establishing Roots in our Neighborhood School

Roots of Empathy’s mission is to build caring, peaceful, and civil societies

through the development of empathy in children and adults.

Back in October, we posted on our facebook page about the Roots of Empathy program.  I was very fortunate to participate in the program last year, with my (then) new baby and wanted to share my experience of such a great program, as I don’t think enough people know about it!

Mary Gordon, President of Roots of Empathy, started the program in 1996.  Basically, a neighborhood baby and parent visit a classroom and “teach” the kids about the baby, it’s actions and emotions, thereby helping them develop empathy for the child, and ultimately, others.   A trained Roots of Empathy instructor accompanies the parent in the classroom and guides the children to focus on different themes – including “why does a baby cry?” “what are a baby’s needs?” and so forth.  The baby becomes the teacher and is a catalyst for helping the children to identify and reflect on their own feelings and those of others.

According to the Roots of Empathy website, British Columbia was one of the first provinces in Canada to offer the program.  In 2000, it began in ten classrooms in Vancouver, and to date, the program has reached nearly 90,000 BC children with the participation of about 3,600 babies.  Best of all, the program has shown that it’s had a significant effect in reducing levels of aggression among schoolchildren while raising awareness and empathy for others.

I found out about the Roots of Empathy program in 2008, when a friend of mine was involved in the program at a local school with her baby.  By that time, my daughter, Hayley, was already 8 months old and the school-year was half over, but I vowed to remember this program and participate in the future, when I had another baby.

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Pumpkin Whoopie Pies: Kids In the Kitchen

Tricia shares this one

When I made this recipe, instead of using oil I used butter. Also, at the time I didnt have any fresh pumpkin so I used a can of pumpkin pie filling ( already seasoned with spices ) Used an electric mixer also instead of mixing by hand and doubled the recipe. I found it is an easy recipe to throw together and the kids loved it so much they were asking to make more.

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