Calling all Crafters and Cooks

Attention all KamloopsParents.Com Readers!  We need you! KamloopsParents.Com is putting together a brochure of all the great things that we offer and we need your help!  This brochure will be distributed around Kamloops and surrounding communities to showcase all that Kamloops offers to families.  Your thoughts and your little people could be famous!  We need … Read more Calling all Crafters and Cooks

The Low GI Family Challenge: Meet the Team

I put the call out on our facebook page, for some families that were interested in tackling a low GI*(Glycemic Index) diet for the month of February.  The response was awesome.

We are working to Transform our Lifestyles and our Diets with the Family Low GI Challenge.  It began with an informational session to learn more about what eating Low GI can do for our health, and the health of our families.  We are all starting out with the Meals in Minutes cookbook by Laura Kalina and Cheryl Christian.  The cookbook is full of terrific and healthy recipes and we are taking on the challenge of following this new routine with our children.

If you are interested in learning more about a Low GI diet, you can contact Laura and Cheryl, here.  You can follow Low GI Meals on facebook and you can find the cookbook online, too.

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Dust Bunnies Cleaning: Review and Giveaway

Working and raising a family is tough work!  Cleaning up after kids is like trying to use your pinky finger to hold back a wave!

I often feel like cleanliness of my house isn’t the top priority.  I usually have dishes on the counter and a kitchen floor that needs sweeping.  There are crumbs all over and toys left lying around.  There are things that I want to do and I often feel that I will never get to them!  When I began to feel overwhelmed with my house amidst the different goals of my life, I stumbled across a coupon for Dust Bunnies Cleaning.  If you check your latest Kamloops Momma Magazine, you may find one, too!

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Goodnight iPad: Curled up with a Good Book

Goodnight iPad By Ann Droyd (aka David Milgrim) Illustrated by David Milgrim Good for all ages! Can be bought in store at Chapters or Coles bookstores or online at Chapters or Amazon. This is the perfect book to celebrate Literacy Week: Unplug and Play!  A great parody of the classic children’s book Goodnight Moon.  In … Read more Goodnight iPad: Curled up with a Good Book