Canadian Scholarship Trust

I absolutely love living in Kamloops!  I am happy to be included as well with the online magazine.  Thanks Elizabeth for giving me space in your edition.   I was raised in Kamloops until I was 9 yrs old then lived in the Lower Mainland until 1990 when I moved back into the area.  I am so happy to have made full circle…being in Kamloops to raise my children.

When my kids were very small I was looking for something I could do that would work around their schedule of school and stumbled upon a job that sets up registered education savings plans for children.  It fit right in with my life.  So I began working for CST Consultants Inc., setting up RESP’s for families.

As a result of my job, I come into contact with a lot of parents.   It always impresses me the love they show for that little newborn.   The ones that tell me that their babies slept through the night when they first came home, well I just don’t relate to them.  My babies never slept through the night right away, as a matter of fact I had to get very creative when they were that small so I could get a moments rest!  My oldest only seemed only able to sleep with a lot of noise going on so I used to turn my Hoover vacuum cleaner on beside him… thankfully his hearing is okay today!  Now the youngest was even harder to get to sleep so I would put him in his bouncy chair on top of the dryer with it on.  Combination of heat and motion worked very well for him.

I marvel at the decision I made when my kids were very young.  Yes, I opened RESP”s for them.  I did it because I wanted to offer them a chance to do whatever they wished when they were grown.   At the time the plans were opened it seemed like graduation was such a long ways away.  I can tell you the years go very fast!  Before you know it your children are at the milestone!  Over the years the savings grew and now both of my kids are using the money to pursue their dreams, one in business at Thompson Rivers University and the other doing a trade at B.C.I.T.  Who would have thought that such a decision made when the kids were small could have such an impact on their adult life

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Kamloops Food Bank and Food Drive

The goal of the Kamloops Food Bank is to provide secure, healthy food to any resident of Kamloops who is in need. As a community group, they rely on a dedicated group of volunteers and donations. In 2011, 6,810 individuals accessed the services of the Kamloops Food Bank. This is in addition to the 38 community … Read more Kamloops Food Bank and Food Drive

Crummy Bananas: Kidz In The Kitchen

This is a fun, easy, kid-friendly snack perfect for any time in the year.  Have you kid’s help make this and they’ll have a great time.

Crummy Bananas
What you need:
Banana, peeled and cut in half
Popsicle sticks
Ziploc bag
Rolling pin

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Jingle Wreath: Crafting With Kids

Jingle All the Way

The snow has fallen, stores are busy, and with the arrival of Santa in a few short weeks can only mean one thing – the holidays are approaching!  December is my favorite time of year and not because it’s the month of my birthday but because of all the magic the holiday’s bring.  Kids all bundled up so only their red little noses are showing, hearing the same Christmas songs being sung over and over, having hot chocolate by a crackling fire and of course all the incredible crafts I can manage to make in between baking, shopping, card sending and wrapping!

However, here is one holiday craft I found that won’t break the bank and will be an elegant addition to your front door.   This wreath is not only fun for the kids to make but allows them to visualize how using some really simple recyclable materials can transform into a beautiful holiday wreath, without having to wait in lines!   This beautiful wreath was made simply by using egg cartons and paint!  I knew there was a reason I kept saving all of our egg cartons!

By using a bit of creativity and imagination you can really transform this basic idea into so many different options as well.  In the end I did my as a wreath, however, you can find a stand-up pine tree in a vase and decorate using the hollies.  You can use all different sizes of bells or even add red or green bells throughout the wreath for a bolder look.  Or just use the hollies as an embellishment to the top of your presents.  The possibilities are endless.


Cardboard Egg Carton

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