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Board games are the best gifts at Christmas because no matter who gets them, EVERYONE GETS TO ENJOY THEM!

In a season where families come together, there is nothing better than sitting around the table with family and friends enjoying good conversation, some snacks, and lots of laughter while playing games.

Below is a list of games that would look good under the tree or in a stocking this coming Christmas.

The game selections are followed by potential locations where you may acquire a copy.  These locations are: Locally –  Toys R Us (TrU), All A-Board Games (AAG), High Octane Comics (HOC), Chapters (Ch) and Tumbleweed Toys (TT).  Online – (Am), (SC), and ( and (GG).

Children’s Games

Sleeping Queens – Gamewright Games (TT, Am)

Designed by a 6 year old girl, this card game is quick and fun.  The player to wake up the mostQueenswins.  Each Queen has her own special powers.

Rattlesnake – Fantasy Flight Games (AAG,SC, GG)

Roll a dice and place a rattlesnake egg on the board.  The eggs are powerful magnets that attract each other.  Make sure you don’t attract any other eggs!!!  The winner is the player who places all their eggs on the board first.  An excellent dexterity game for children 6 and up.

Spot It! – BlueOrange Games (TT, Ch, SC,, Am)

A great recognition game!  Every card has one shape that is identical.  Will you be able to see your match first?  Lots of fun for all the family with several rule variants to give different twists to each game.

Loopin’ Louie – TCG (TrU)

If there is one children’s game you get this Christmas then THIS IS THE GAME!  Trust me when I see your kids will play this non-stop and then after they are in bed it is the adults’ turn!

 Family Games

Ticket to Ride – Days of Wonder (AAG, HOC, TT,GG,SC,, Am)

This game has sold over 1,000,000 copies!  Collect sets of cards and then trade them in to build your railway tracks.  Complete the most routes to win the game.  There are many versions that represent different maps.  Choose the basicNorth Americamap, or Ticket to Ride Europe, or Nordic Countries.  There are also maps available of Switzerland, Africa,GermanyandAsia.  This is the must buy family game!!!

Forbidden Island – Gamewright Games (HOC, AAG,GG,SC, Am)

A cooperative game where players work together to find four treasures before the island sinks into the ocean.  Will your team of players get the treasures and make it to the helipad in time?  A beautiful game and a very good price too!  Online this game is under $20!!!!

Zooloretto –Rio Grande Games (AAG,GG,SC, Am)

Everyone loves going to the zoo!!  Now control your own Zoo.  Take in shipments of animals and place them in their pens.  Be careful you don’t want too many animals!  Select the right animals, expand your zoo and add the right vendor carts to win the game.

Carcassonne ­–Rio Grande Games (AAG, HOC, TT, Ch,,GG,SC, Am)

This game is this month’s review on  Each player places tiles to create the world ofCarcassonne.  By strategic placement of your workers you will gain the most points and win the game.  This game has dozens of expansions that further add to the game.  If you want the base game and some expansions then look for the Big Box Edition!

 Party Games

Say Anything – North Star Games (AAG, TrU, Ch,, Am, GG)

A wonderfully funny party game!  A player chooses a question and the others write down an answer – literally write anything.  Bet on which answer the picker will choose.  This game is only limited by your imagination and sense of humour.  Say Anything Family Edition is also available.

Wits and Wagers – North Star Games (, Am)

A trivia game where players don’t need to know anything!  Players write down the numerical answer to a question which are then placed in numerical order.  Bet on which answer is right to win points.  Family Edition also available.

Dixit – Asmodee  (AAG,GG,SC, Am)

A beautiful and elegant game where players play cards with incredible and original artwork.  Select a card that best matches a players ‘catch phrase’ to win points.

Elizabeth is a Kamloops lifer. Born at RIH, she is happy to be raising her family here. Married with four wonderful children, Elizabeth is also teacher and enjoys working with parents as she learns more about this “Mommy gig”. Elizabeth is passionate about parenting and enjoys networking with other parents.

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  1. Spot It! can be played by kids 5 and up easily. It is a matching game, no reading required. Turn over a card and match a picture on your card with another that has been revealed. The first to see a match can either take a card or lose a card depending on which of the many variants you are playing. Very cool game and you will swear you cannot find a match until someone points it out to you. Here is a video review of the game.

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