Birthday Party Directory

The birthday! It happens only once a year, so make it extra special!

So many great places in Kamloops to help you plan that perfect party for your child, and today we feature the Birthday Party Directory on 

The Cake:

Carolines Cakes

Sweet Spot Cupcakes

#8 – 1415 Hillside Dr 250.574.6251

PattyCakes Cupcakes

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Summer Snowballs – No One Told Me How Messy They’d Be!

I’m so glad we didn’t attempt this craft at Zoe’s birthday party last weekend.

It’s among the first crafts I’ve ever attempted from Pinterest and while it was a huge success, I wasn’t prepared for the mess.

Summer Snowballs

1 can shaving cream (not shave gel)
2 boxes cornstarch

Empty in bucket. Mix. Enjoy

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Spring Has Sprung: Create your own Vases!

Oh how I love the use and over-use of clichés! Despite some “colder” weather we have had, my tulips are starting to peek through, my herbs are sprouting very nicely and I have had an abundance of “flowers” a.k.a. dandy lions picked for me, which can only mean one thing…spring is here! With all these fresh blooms and Earth Day right around the corner the kids and I decided to decorate the house with some of our own, home-made vases.


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Crazy Chicken Adventures

I think it’s really important to show kids where food comes from.

My kids have always accompanied me on trips to the farmer’s market or grocery store. Which means the occasional solo trip to the grocery store translates into quite the blissful event! We also (creatively) grow quite a bit of our own produce, despite the relatively small size of our yard.

Friends of ours have several egg-laying hens. Just last week, my son asked his father (who was making breakfast with store-bought eggs, a rare occurence) “why are the eggs all white and why do they look all the same?” So the kids know that produce comes from the ground, eggs from the chickens belonging to our friend…but what about meat?

That’s where Derek and Addie come in.

I had heard about them as they were about to embark on their adventure of raising meat birds for the very first time through Tranquille Farm Fresh, where they will be using 3 acres to raise their pastured chickens. 105 meat birds, as a matter of fact. So I contacted them and they graciously allowed us to visit them at the farm.

The kids and I visited the farm, just in time to see the 1 week and 3 week old chicks.  My 2.5 year old daughter was completely enthralled with them, and wanted to take the 1 week old chicks home. Of course, we couldn’t. 

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Kidz in the Kitchen: Baked French Toast

I found this recipe on Pinterest and it was a complete hit for my Easter Brunch.  It was so easy to do that it is definitely worth sharing. I made one modification from the original recipe by adding cinnamon which really enhanced the flavour.    I used the Wonder Bread brand of Texas Toast for my version which worked really well.  Enjoy!


1/2 cup melted butter

1 cup brown sugar

1 loaf of Texas toast

4 eggs

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