June 2013 Newsletter

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Slow Cooker: Shrimp Quinoa Jambalaya

Do you enjoy eating shrimp?

Want to be able to prepare a meal in your slowcooker, press “go”, head out for the afternoon and only have to add a small amount of ingredients 20 minutes before the end of cooking time and then dinner is done? Check out this recipe for Slow-Cooker Shrimp Quinoa Jambalaya. Made with fresh ingredients and just the right amount of heat for your family!


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Blackwell Dairy Race Review

On Sunday, May 26th, our family participated in the annual family-friendly Blackwell Dairy Run in Barnhartvale for the very first time. Held at R.L. Clemitson Elementary School, the race offered a 15 km distance (part of the Canadian Tire Road Race Series with the Interior Running Association) as well as a 3 km Family Fun Run.

My husband brought along a double jogging stroller and ran the 3 km Fun Run with our 2 year old and just-turned 4 year old (who ran part of it) along with a friend and her four little girls. I missed them all crossing the finish line as I (instead) took in the beautiful views near the Blackwell Dairy and enjoyed the hills in the 15 km race distance. They received little cow bells as medals, which they proudly shook (while guzzling Blackwell Dairy chocolate milk!) every time a 15 km finisher arrived at the finish line.

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Bike to Work Week

I really enjoyed riding my bike growing up. I remember cycling with my dad and siblings from the time we were 6 years old to the next town just to get an ice cream cone. In high school, I used to ride an hour or so to visit friends.

The last few years, I have been riding while towing a couple of toddlers and now pre-schoolers. 

Yesterday marked the start of the 6th annual Bike to Work Week in Kamloops. I signed up for it and for the next week, I will be riding  to anything I can with the kids in the trailer.

Running from May 27th to June 2nd, the main objective of Bike to Work Week is to encourage and promote the use of transportation by bicycle to and from work or school. There will be plenty of events happening all over town for residents to participate in, including prize draws, snacks and displays.

On Monday afternoon, the kids and I visited the Celebration Station located just before the Overlander Bridge, under the Tournament Capital Sign. Prior to leaving our house in Westysde, they made sure they had enough books. As if they just had to add to the weight of the trailer!

After 8 km, we arrived at our destination, where the kids were let loose to burn a little steam. I got to ride the pedal-

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Boulder City!

The other day my three-year old son was lining up all his vehicles, as he usually does, and began finding other items to put into the bed of any trucks. He has really become fascinated with hauling objects, crushing rocks or any small toys lying around. So as I watched him on the floor it dawned on me we could create our own items to haul and crush. I had just finished boiling some eggs and had my old egg carton sitting on the counter when a light bulb went off in my head and I realized what a great craft it would make to design some boulders for his city. That’s when the magic began and we created our very own boulders for his city of vehicles to jump over, haul, crash into, play with (at one time all the boulders were just lined up next to each vehicle), and a few were used so he could pretend to dig up some “gold”(the one painted yellow). It was such an easy craft to make and he had a riot painting and creating each one and has played with them for days.


Egg Carton


Paint Brush



1. Cut out each egg holder on the egg carton (depending on the age of the child, this may need to be done by an adult as the cardboard of the egg carton can be fairly tough to cut through)


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