Just Stringin’ Around!


A few months ago I signed the kids up for a monthly craft subscription through a company called, Kelly Kits (kellykits.com). Around the middle of each month both kid receives a new craft idea through the mail, which they love. Not only do they receive mail, which is always exciting, but they also are able to participate in a new craft we haven’t yet explored. Each kit comes complete with all the materials needed for each craft and a sheet explaining how each craft can be used to assist in preschool curriculum and elementary curriculum, along with some facts about how to use each craft or where the craft idea may have originated from.

This month the craft demonstrated how to use yarn in order to make a “cool wool” design. They sent along a piece of sticky board and a handful of yarn so the kids could create any design their little hearts desired! I sat down and created my own design with my daughter and we had so much fun trading and using all sorts of different colors. You could even shake things up a bit and use different types of ribbons, string or cut fabric into strips. We will then frame them and use them as decoration in our playroom.

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Signing, Smiling

I sign with my son. I signed with my daughter. We all have perfectly fine hearing. Why do we sign?

I remember picking up a DVD at the library when my daughter was 12 months old. I thought it sounded fun. I started copying the basic hand symbols taught with simple songs, quickly mastering the content, and gradually added them to our daily routine. Rachel de Azevedo’s “Baby Signing Time” series started my little toddler in the direction of confident communication. It wasn’t long before her signing trailed off in favor of clear, precocious speech! I was glad she had so much persistence in making her needs known because she knew she could be understood.

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Tea Review and Recipes – Shuswap Infusions Tea Company

Our family loves tea. All kinds of tea. Black tea, white tea, green tea and all sorts of herbal teas.

Teas are used when an afternoon pick-up is needed, to soothe sore throats, to relieve congestion or to accompany downtime in the evenings.

Today I present a couple of ideas for use with tea that I brew from Shuswap Infusions Tea Company, a home-based loose leaf tea business near Shuswap Lake, BC.

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Fit By Design

The following post was written by Andrea, who shares her thoughts after participating in the FemSport Competition last weekend. She has been a Fit By Design participant for the last two years and in the process, has lost over 70lbs since beginning the Mommy Wellness Bootcamp Workouts with Sabrina Sinclair.  

I sit looking through the pictures from yesterday’s Femsport competition and I am overwhelmed with emotion. There is

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