Safety Tips for Halloween


Here at KamloopsParents, we have put together a list of safety tips to review with your family so that you can have a memorable and enjoyable evening.

1. Use face paints instead of masks. Masks can easily move and obstruct your child’s view while walking.

2. Make sure your child is wearing a brightly coloured costume or add reflective tape so that they are more visible to motorists.

3. Make sure your child can safely walk in their costume, and it’s not too restrictive or oversized.  Also make sure that they are wearing comfortable shoes that are properly fitted (they will regret it after some time walking in them, if not!)

4. Make sure your child goes trick or treating with a parent or guardian, or in a group if they are old enough. Never alone.

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Treasure Albums


Frequently when I pick my kids up from school I get their emotional dumpage.  They are hungry, tired and (despite often having a prepared snack ready in the vehicle) they let it all out once they are in the car with me.


It’s awesome.


I found myself struggling to keep my patience and struggling to hear where they were coming from with their needs and their behaviours.

My husband and I invest a lot in making memories for our kids so I found myself ignoring their fighting and upset-ness and just saying “Do you know what I am thinking about right now?”  and recounting a marvelous family time we had shared.

I decided to take the idea to the next level.  I talked to the kids a lot about how their fights made me feel and how they were making each other feel.  None of us were feeling very good.  I shared with them why I was talking about my happy memories.  Then, we made a plan:  I printed off hundreds of family photos and took the big kids to the dollar store where they each got to pick out their own small photo album.

2013-10-16 12.48.39


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Milk Jug Ghosts

On Halloween Night there will be a community block party on Greenstone Dr.  The block will be closed off in front of Greenstone Park and there will be a Costume Contest happening on the street.   To win a prize in the costume contest, you just need to be in “the zone”!

October 31st, 6 – 7pm, Greenstone Drive (in front of Greenstone park)

AND!  If you bring a milk jug ghost, you can earn a prize as well!

2013-10-13 13.45.43

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Spooktacular Halloween Lanterns

Fall is my favorite time of year – the changing of the leaves, the crisp days and of course seeing the excitement my kids have for Halloween (a.k.a dressing up and candy!)  Unfortunately our house sits in a fairly quiet, dark street and our door is a bit off from the street under a big entrance.  At night it may seem a bit intimidating so I try to brighten our pathway up for Halloween so that there is more welcoming feel to it, especially for the wee little ones.

A few weeks ago we made these lanterns at a Spark and Brownie campout and the girls had a blast designing their own lights and I thought what a great way for me to “brighten” up our walkway for Halloween night.  My kids have had a great time making as many as we could and they are just as excited to see the glow they will give off on Halloween night (along with our jack-o-lanterns of course!)Spooktacular6

Most of the supplies should be in your household or are easy to find at either the dollar store or craft store.  The kids also enjoy it because it allows them to get a bit messy and be very creative.  You could add many different embellishments once your jar is done too – ribbon, sequins, gems, pumpkin faces or googly eyes.  We used orange tissue paper for the ones we did at home but at camp we also used black tissue paper and one could stretch the creativity and use the colors of fall:  red, yellow, brown, or green and light them nightly.


  • Mason Jar
  • White Glue
  • Tissue Paper (we used orange and black)
  • Tea Light (we used the battery operated ones)
  • Foam Brush (to paint the glue on)
  • Embellishments if you want:  Ribbon, pumpkin face, sequence, googly eyes


1. Cut the tissue paper into square and/or rectangle pieces


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