Public Skating Schedule Fall 2013

We’ve had some questions regarding the full public skate and drop-in hockey schedule for the Fall 2013 season. Here it is:



Public Skating and Stick & Puck

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Adaptive Sports at Sun Peaks Student Program


Adaptive Sports at Sun Peaks (ASSP) is a non-profit organization that provides opportunities for people of all ages living with a disability the chance to experience the mountain at Sun Peaks Resort.  One of the goals of ASSP is to help local children with disabilities experience the freedom and joy that the mountain has to offer.

With plenty of enthusiasm (and a lot of fun, hard work in the off-season!) ASSP is excited to launch a brand new season with the 10 week lesson program that will be starting

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Friday Family Fun with Literacy: International Children’s Day

Head to Northills Mall this Friday, November 22nd from 4:30-7:30 pm as Friday Family Fun with Literacy celebrates International Children’s Day! 

International Day 1 -poster (1)

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Young Naturalist Club Explorer Day: Seed Dispersal Hike

Permission to walk around with pristine white socks OVER their shoes?

That’s exactly what the members of the Young Naturalist Club of Kamloops did during a recent Explorer Day outing, as they pulled on white socks over top their footwear and began their hike through the muddy grasslands of Lac Du Bois Provincial Park.


Prior to the start of their hike, the young naturalists were introduced to the topic of seed dispersal. They learned that since plants cannot move, their seeds still need to find a way to get

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Melting Ice: Science Experiment

Here is a simple science experiment to demonstrate how ice melts. I did it one day with four kids under 5 years of age. It was a hit.

First step is to plan ahead and freeze a few bowls of water. I used glass containers with silicon lids. Then, when I was ready to melt ice with the kids, I flipped them upside down (with the lid still on!) and placed them under warm, running water. After the ice loosened up a bit, I dumped them out of the containers and placed them on a tray. You’re going to want to do that; It can get quite messy!

Step 1 with a group of pre-schoolers is of course laying claim to the one of four IDENTICAL ice blocks prior to attempting the experiment.


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