Family Friendly Hikes in Kamloops: Deep Lake

Kamloops has a well established system of hiking trails right in city limits that provide plenty of fresh air and fantastic views for your family. Starting today, we will be featuring them in a special series to help you find out which hiking trails are best suited for your family.

Our first feature is a hike we did using the Grasslands Community Trail to get to Deep Lake, which is part of the Lac Du Bois Provincial Park. Located in Westsyde, the hike to Deep Lake is about a 6 km loop.


How do you get there? 

Take Westsyde Road all the way until Ida Lane, at which point you will turn left and follow the road until you reach the sign for Rockliffe. Turn back down and park on the left hand side.

Are there any difficult spots?

The trail starts off relatively flat but then gradually goes up hill for a little while. This section is the most difficult one of the hike, and likely not suitable for little ones who have just graduated from the backpack carrier.

What are some features to look for on the trail?

After the initial climb, it flattens out and Deep Lake finally comes in  view.  Then it’s a gentle downhill to the water’s edge. 

We spent quite some time at the water, which still had a slight layer of ice on top.  Apparently, it’s a great place to do a little fly fishing in the summer!


One last glimpse of Deep Lake before returning to the trailhead:


It’s a gentle uphill from the lake, but the trail flattens out or is downhill from that point until you reach the parking lot again.


We took in some fantastic views of Westsyde on our hike!


The grasslands ecosystem is very fragile. Please tread lightly and stick to the established trail. Remember to always pack enough water, snacks, sunscreen, insect repellant and a small first aid kit when you hike.


Jodi is originally from Montréal, Quebec but spent a few years in Northern New Brunswick after graduating from University. She moved to Kamloops in the Spring of 2010 with her family and works as an educational assistant. Her 7 and 8 year old keep her really busy as they love exploring the area and enjoying what Kamloops has to offer!

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