Hiking at Pine Park

Driving Time: 15min
Hiking Time: 1.5hrs
Distance Travelled: 4.5km
Stroller Friendly: yes (mostly)
Difficulty: easy

Our Sunday hike this week brought us down Tranquille Rd to the Pine Park trail behind the old sanitarium. This is a really nice, easy little walk for short legs that has many different landscapes with Tranquille Creek running alongside the trail, the hoodoos across the creek, a wetland, the sagebrush of course and the many many poplar trees.

How do you get there?

The trail head is a 15min drive from downtown off Tranquille Rd past Cinnamon Ridge then stay right on Tranquille (Red Lake turn) the road winds around behind the old sanatorium and the parking lot is on your right. If you cross a little bridge you’ve just driven past it. Turn around and come back. The gate is painted orange and has an old turn style man gate.

Are there any difficult spots?

It is a well used wide trail that is 4.5km to the reservoir and back. In the spring it can get a little soggy in a couple spots but for the most part this is a very level easy trail. For a shorter walk it is 2 km to the picnic area and back.

What are some features to look for on the trail?

My favorite part of the trail is the little wetland created by beavers on your right shortly after you start. There is often a little stream trickling down across the trail into the creek below. If you frequent this spot you are sure to find turtles, ducks, beavers, geese and all manner of snakes and salamanders.

We were disappointed to discover that the tall slide and swing set that we had played on at Pine Park itself years ago was removed. All that remains is a covered picnic area and a building that I assume is bathrooms but has never been open when we are there.

In the summer time be sure to wear your bathing suits and wander down to the creek just below the old pump station. The creek bends here and creates all kinds of wonderful places to play and explore while playing in the shallow water.

Krystal Williams-Gardener is a mom to three children under 10 in Kamloops BC. She is also the owner of Kamloops first Outdoor Preschool for children aged 3-6 years. To learn more visit  www.lovinglearning.com

Krystal Williams-Gardener started Kamloops Parents in 2007 and is now the owner/director of Loving Learning Preschool where they offer Waldorf & outdoor based preschool classes for children aged 3-6.
She actively studies child development & anthroposophy (a philosophy of inner development & spiritual growth) and strives to inspire parents to be their best selves for the highest good of all man-kind.

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