Blast Off! With Kidecals

I was given the opportunity to try out back-to-school labels from Kidecals.

I wanted to really try them out before I gave my opinion with the following questions in mind:

Will they stick to any item?

Will they stay sticking to any item? 

Will water/dirt eventually affect the adhesiveness or look of the labels?

The labels were easy to order and the online customization tool contained so many different fun and vibrantly coloured school labels to choose from. My 5 year old son enjoyed scrolling through the examples, finally settling on a rocket ship with his name & phone number:


The labels were delivered right to our door within a few days. A couple of different sizes were included in the package so that my son could easily label anything from the smallest snack container to a large backpack.

We were finally ready for the start of the school year!

However, the start of the school year has so far been delayed by two weeks in British Columbia. Nevertheless, my 5 year old has been quite busy testing these labels while attending art workshops and gymnastics camps.

So what did I think of these labels and have they held up to an active 5 year old boy?

Absolutely! These resilient labels have remarkably lasted:

  • being left out in the rain
  • after sitting in kitchen sinks
  • on water bottles/snack containers brought to the beach
  • on the inside of the tongue of a well-used sneaker
  • multiple cycles in the clothes washer


Check out and personalize your child’s back-to-school labels with their easy-to-use online customization tool.


Jodi is originally from Montréal, Quebec but spent a few years in Northern New Brunswick after graduating from University. She moved to Kamloops in the Spring of 2010 with her family and works as an educational assistant. Her 7 and 8 year old keep her really busy as they love exploring the area and enjoying what Kamloops has to offer!

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