Soon It Will be 7 When it Actually Feels Like 8!

One of my good friends is a devout “cold-turkey”-er when it comes to time changes.  I have always found this approach to time change really hard, and even in my 20’s, I would begin “switching over” a few days out.  I found it much easier on my system – I hardly noticed anything while everyone else would lay around and mope about how tired they were.  Now, as a parent, I am definitely a fan of the “15 minutes a day” approach.   By changing my children’s routine by 15 minutes a day, they honestly don’t even realise anything is happening, and it allows us to avoid many of the pitfalls of the “all in one go” approach.


15 minutes a day…..

One of the benefits of doing things this way is that when you get to

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Pre-Natal Yoga at the Yoga Loft

The Yoga Loft offers two pre-natal classes a week, taught by long-term instructors Tania McCartney and Amber Hooton.

Both Tania and Amber practiced yoga through their own pregnancies, and their extensive training make them fantastic resources for moms to be.

Pre-Natal yoga helps you adjust to your changing body through its

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Playful Puppet Palooza! Featuring Randi Edmundson

On November 1st, join Chimera Theatre and puppeteer Randi Edmundson to learn all about puppets!

Team up with your friends to collaborate on a brand new puppet story, learn about creating a character, puppet manipulation, and performance. Through theatre games and puppet-making activities, participants will build their own unique puppet character and create their own crazy puppet play. The workshop will end with a short presentation of the puppets and plays created.


Parents can come 30 minutes before the end of the event (12:00pm) to watch the puppet presentation.

Event will run 10:00am to 12:30pm.

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Trick or Treating Options in Kamloops

Here is a list of FREE events offering trick or treating on Halloween in Kamloops:

Enchanted Garden

A candy free non-scary magical Halloween adventure for your children to enjoy.

On this All Hallows’ Eve when the veils between worlds are thinner and one can see into the Magic world, come on the Halloween Journey. Small groups of children and parents are guided along a enchanting pumpkin lit path past various scenes and characters.

Groups leave every 20 minutes.
First group leaves at 4:10 and last group at 5:50
Please RSVP to our Facebook event if you can so that we can have an idea of numbers.

The event is outdoors so everyone must dress for cold crisp moonlight, chilly mysterious clouds, furious freezing rain or sparkling snow.

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Oatmeal Applesauce Muffins: Kidz in the Kitchen

My eldest just started kindergarten this fall, and I discovered that the key to surviving kindergarten is apparently….food!

We start the day with a fairly big breakfast and there are several opportunities throughout the school day where the kids gather and eat their snacks.

A friend of mine shared with me a little trick at the start of the year: Always greet your kindergartner with a healthy snack if you want a happier walk/ride home or transition to an after-school activity. Trust me, it works!

So today I share with you an easy recipe for Oatmeal Applesauce Muffins. Low in sugar and so easy to make, I first found this recipe at Mel’s Kitchen Cafe:

I make them small enough so that they can be eaten in just a couple of kindergarten-size bites. That way, the easily distracted child can eat their muffin in a reasonable amount of time and less food is returned back home in the lunch box.

My kids love to help, so I give one the task of being in charge of the “wet” ingredients, while the other one gets the “dry”. They remember (of course!) and switch each time we make them.



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