KamloopsParents.com is your trusted online resource for all things family-friendly in and around Kamloops, BC. Working hard to bring our community closer together so that we can connect and grow our hearts, our minds and our families in this amazing place that we live in.   Once a month, we publish and distribute an online newsletter that offers fun, family-friendly event listings and the best scoop on kid-friendly restaurants and businesses in the Kamloops area. We do our best to bring you all things parent and child in Kamloops. Get informed and get out there!

The KamloopsParents.com Team

Krystal, the lady with the idea, started it all.  In 2007, she started the directory and set up the site with her ideas and experiences.  She also introduced the events newsletter.

In 2010, Elizabeth brought KamloopsParents.Com a new face, a new logo and regularly scheduled programming and advertisers.

Now, Jodi has joined on board and is working hard to make KamloopsParents.Com amazing and out there all the time. You will see her posts on facebook, hear her on the radio and see her around town with her munchkins in tow, as she explores and works hard to bring family-friendly Kamloops to you!

KamloopsParents.com is sending out a call to any parents who want to contribute their voice and knowledge to the site. Please drop us an email