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KamloopsParents Privacy Policy . . .

We value your privacy. Subscriber’s information is kept secured and is 100% confidential. Information will not be sold or distributed for any purposes, ever.

KamloopsParents Editorial Policy . . .

KamloopsParents is not paid for posting the events and services that we wish to share with you through our monthly newsletters.  In order to support the maintenance and growth of the site and its services, KamloopsParents offers advertising opportunities to family-oriented businesses.  To find out what KamloopsParents can do to help your business grow please visit our advertising section.

Our goal is to inform and enlighten our readers. Somewhere between changing diapers, making lunches, doing laundry and playing we hope you will find a moment to read our informative fun and reliable newsletter.


From time to time we may send a survey that you can choose to complete and return to us. You have no obligation. Results compiled from surveys are intended to help us serve you better.


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